Saturday, 24 December 2011

Competition Part 2

I hope your Christmas is going well.

Those monkeys, owls and bunnies really need our help and hey after the excitement of new year things can feel like a bit of an anti-climax. So I am announcing part two of my competitioin, the new year draw.

All of the people who entered last time and did not win anything will be carried forward and this is an opportunity for other pals to enter as well.  See instructions below.

The prizes are almost the same, but not quite,  baboons like to keep surprises up their sleeves.  Again there are 3 first prizes.
  1. An adopted primate or owl from the Owl and Monkey haven near my home on the island
  2. A T-shirt of the colour of your choice from Kaninchenretterin to help our dear friend Miriam with the work she does to rescue rabbits
  3. An amazing mystry prizes that will really surprise you.
If you entered for the Christmas draw your name will be carried forward if you didn't win.  For everyone else there are three ways to enter this competition.

  1. Leave a comment on this blog saying that you wish to enter.
  2. Send me a DM to @Kolo_Martin on Twitter. If you find I do not follow you please send me a message so you can DM me.
  3. For my friends on Can Be Social, if you are not on Twitter please leave a message on my CBS wall.
I don't ask my dear anipals to do anything to enter the competition as I could never judge between their entries. Please enter just be sending me a message in one of the ways listed above.

The competition will be drawn on New Years Day at 9 am and the winners will be announced and contacted via this blog, Twitter or Can Be Social.

Good luck and please enter.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Lots of love and HUGS HUGS HUGS from Kolo


  1. how beary wundahful of yew kolo! wee soo luff yur kind fort!

  2. How great Kolo! I would love to enter! A very Merry Xmas to you! BearHUGs!

  3. oh KOLO... this is so fun....
    My adopted monkey, Martin, who lives in the haven near you will be helped by all this.

    And all of the bunnies!!
    Please enter me in your contest *S* !!!

  4. I did win last time so I dissent enter this time but I wish everyone da best of luck and say ow excitin it is for us to be adoption a monkey wot be called Smudge

  5. I wanna a monkey please...I would love to enter your draws! XXX

  6. @JustAnotherTrnd said...
    DUSTY: What a nice competition. The Owl & Monkey Haven and Miss Miriam's Rabbit Rescue are such wonderful places!
    HURLEY: We hope lots of anipals learn about these places by reading Kolo's World Blog.

  7. OOOH! Such fun! *thinks about prizes* *wants a bunny* *wants an owl* *wants a BABOON!!!* *wants a monkey* *wants a bunny* *wants an owl* *wants a Kolo* *wants a cookie* What a fun contest, Kolo. You are truly the nicest Baboon I know!!!! Smooooch.

  8. Wow oh wow I enterin for my littlest hoomun Jack who lurves monkeys. Thank you kolo x.
    MarthaTheWestie (incase it come up as mum!)