Sunday, 1 January 2012

Competititon results part 2

Happy new year everyone.  It is time for me to announce the competition winners for my new year competition.  As always I wish everyone could win so I am always a bit sad when it comes to doing the draw and announcing the winners.  All the winners will also be contacted via Twitter as well.  Here they are.

The first number to be generated was number 39 which is @yayStella, who wins a monkey or owl adoption from the haven on Kolo Island.  Stella please go to the website and choose your monkey or owl.  Then DM me the monkey or owl you would like and confirm where you would like your adoption papers to be sent to.

The second number to come out was number 26 which is Arf (@MonkeysBrother.  Arf has won the rabbit T-shirt.  Arf I know you don't speak German (or perhaps you do I shouldn't assume) but please go to the website and look the styles, sizes and colours and let me know what you would like and DM me with colour, size and style and confirm where you would like it to be sent to.

The third number to come out was 33 which is Bijntje.  Bijntje will win the baboon prize.  More about that later.  Bijntje I will post it on Saturday, hope that is OK, the post office here is closed till Tuesday and that is when my person goes back to work.  Please DM me and confirm where you would like it sent.

I am sorry to everyone else, but I have two more competitions planned in the near future.  On 1 February I will be announcing my Valentine's competition to be drawn on Valentine's day and I will also talk to Snuffy about including a prize in the next edition of Fauguex.

I just wish everyone a happy new year and a great 2012 and hope you will all enter my future competitions.

Thank your for entering this one and good luck next time.


  1. Wow, I'm really chuffed to win a prize.
    Well done to Stella and Bijintje as well.
    Thank you Kolo for running such a great competition, where the prizes help animals too.
    Happy New Year to everyone.

  2. YAY - congratulations to the winners. They are getting awesome prizes. Happy New Year pal.

  3. fank yew deer kolo how wundahful fur ebearywun :)

  4. thems dus be brillyunt pryzs for evrrywun kolo .. bigg uggs

  5. OH MY DAWG!!!! WE WON A MONKEY!!! *celebrates happily with Cheddums & Stella*