Sunday, 22 January 2012

Spreading baboon love

Everyone knows that I like to help animal charities and make sure that all our flesh and blood anipals are well cared for.  However, I do have another interest as well, since I met my brother on the island, th eone that does not have a proper home and works in a shop.

I expect you remember him I blogged about him before. When I met him I realised that not all baboons have a loving home like mine.  Now I believe that

Every babon needs a home
Every home needs a baboon

I hope my friends won't mind me using their pictures, I wouldn't normally do this but I wanted to show how well the baboons are doing in their new homes.

So I set about making sure that as many baboons as I could help would have loving homes.  Now we couldn't keep all of them here so I have been matching up baboons who were camping out on eBay to homes where they would have friends to play with who had the same interests as them.  I am glad to say that this has been very successful.  The main purpose of rehoming stuffed baboons is to spread the baboon love to friends who we think will be made happy by having a baboon at home.

The first two baboons I rehomed were a mad Arsenal fan, Tony, who also wanted to learn more about US sports.  Obviously I felt the right home for him was with our pal @marshallsheldon.  You can see how well he is doing in his new home!

At the same time I met Hugo who loves cooking and trying new food.  It wasn't difficult to decide who he should go to live with, no other than @zackrabbit.  He has settled in so well that Zack allowed him to appear on his cooking show last night where they made banana muffins.

He looks right at home to be mashing those bananas with Zack, see the cheeky monkeys snaffling bananas there.  To see more of Zack's show with Hugo helping in his lovely Canadian shirt see:

Zack's show is always worth watching and anything with bananas is great.  Baboons with kitchen machinery unnerved me slightly but hey Hugo is a clever baboon.

Another baboon arrived at the rehoming centre, an older baboon called Bradley, he has slightly bad hips and, unlike the other rehomed baboons, has had a home before.  We decided to keep him here at the rehoming centre as one of the family and he has fitted in well.

Here he is with two other rehomed baboons, Archie who was sent to us by @jazzydacat and has settled in well and little Arnie who we rehomed from eBay he has had a home before as well.

I carried on matching baboons to friends and along came Monty.  Monty likes gardening, growing things, cooking and meeting friends, well who better than @MrsFiddlesticks and @Tim_Kirby for Monty to live with?  Monty has settled in so well he is a bit of  a poster boy for the rehoming centre.  He is a true house baboon, organising the housework so MrsFiddlesticks can pursue other things.  Of course she still works very hard but I think she has found Monty very helpful and I know MrsFiddlesticks agrees with me that every home should have a baboon.

Here is Monty helping Tim Kirby put the Christmas decorations up.  Monty wrote to me saying what a lovely Christmas he had and how happy he is living with his new family.

At the same time as meeting Monty I met Marco.  Marco is interesting in art and fabrics especially silk so quite obviously he was the right baboon to go and live with our dear friend @pasikas.  By coincidence @mogsbear won the priviledge of rehoming a baboon in the Christmas contest so Marco was soon joined by Paco.  They got together for great new year celebration (as they are in Scotland that is hogmonay.  You can see what fun they had in this picture.  Paco is the one in the hat.

They look right at home to me!

Another rehomed baboon is Lukas, he is interested in German football and supports Koln (Cologne).  He chose his name Lukas after the hotshot Koln striker Lukas Podolski.  He went to live with @fuzzyFreya in Koln and soon became very friendly with Poldi the Leipzig lion who was meant to be the mascot for the 2012 olympics in Leipzig (oh dear London got the games).  I think Poldi would have been a very good olympic mascot but it was not to be.  Lukas and Poldi are great friends now and do a look of cake making.

Don't you just love Lukas's outfit that hat is awesome!

Finally, for now, @Bijntje won the new year competition and got to rehome a baby baboon.  I don't know what his name is yet but I am sure they will settle in well with Bijntje and get to watch lots of Grey's Anatomy episodes and visit Seattle!

So even though our troup at home is complete we are all working hard to make sure baboons get loving homes.

The rehoming centre has six staff now and working flat out to rehome as many baboons as possible and we all thank you for taking in baboons and making them happy.  One baboon has just arrived to be rehomed with @kyba (Huntyr) and more baboons will no doubt be rehomed with friends.  So watch out a baboon could turn up at your door one day, they will have been carefully matched to you and I am sure you will be happy.  Remember every baboon needs a home, every home needs a baboon.


  1. ohhh wot a wundaful blog nd mission deer kolo :) i finks ebeary baboon deserves a luvin howm!

  2. Just to report Paco settled in so quickly it wus luvlee to see! His expertees is in the field of cuddling-and being cuddled! He's a bit of a homebody cos he's shy but he reely came owt of his shell at Noo Year,haha! Fanks Kolo and yoo ar so rite - ewbeary howm needs a baboon! Huuggs xx

  3. How wonderful to read this! Thanks for keeping us updated!!! Hugzzzzz!

  4. Marco just loves it here and gives me lots of ideas for silk painting,AND he is very cuddlelicious too xxx Pasihugggs

  5. We adopted a lovely orang utan called Mitch who needed a new home a few years ago. You might have seen him on @eldritchdragon blog!

  6. Wat a wonnerful thing you iz doing fur da baboons an homes efurryware! *hugs*

  7. oh what a great homes for baboons, lovely blog Kolo. :)

  8. You are a true life saver pal. What wonderful work you are doing.

  9. You is doin great communitee werk my pal. We can fink of nothin better than avin a baboon about the house. You will probbly be knighted for services to apes one day

  10. Monty wanted to say how pleased he is to see pictures of all his brothers! He has been a very kind baboon recently and has been helping with hugs!