Saturday, 2 May 2015

Tweet-up and rehomings

Hello everyone, its been an eventful week at Baboon HQ.  You won't want to hear about most of it, humans can make things eventful in ways that baboons struggle to understand.  However, we did some rehomings and went to a tweet-up, of course @Kittehboi's #MiniBreeze came along.

Some of you may know that @icypinklemonade, aka Lillian, is visiting the UK and meeting Twitter pals.  We were lucky that she came to Portsmouth where person works, and a fun lunch was had a Frankie and Benny's at Gunwharf Quay.  We were thrilled that other pals came to join us.

Here is Lillian with all of us, that is: all of @TourGuideTed's gang (TGT, Frank and Theo), @Chalkybear13 (our dear friends of #FurryTails fame, Chalky Bear, Cuddles, and their rehomed baboon Joe), @TabithaTeddy and me with #MiniBreeze.

When we arrived TGT's gang were looking out for us out of the window, so we couldn't miss the table.

As well as fun lots of food was involved.  Mini-Kolo had pizza, of course

So did #MiniBreeze!

That cat can sure eat!  I think he eats more than his body weight every day!! Neither he, nor Mini-Kolo were very interested in the salad!!

Between courses #MiniBreeze got to play with TGT.  I have to say TGT was very patient having #MiniBreeze on his head!!

We were absolutely thrilled that Chalky and Cuddles were able to come.  It must have been really nice for them to have somebody else bringing food to them, as they usually serve us food at #FurryTails.  #MiniBreeze and Mini-Kolo enjoyed meeting them and Mini-Kolo was thrilled to catch up with rehomed baboon Joe Baboonosa!

Joe told Mini-Kolo that he is very happy living with Chalky and Cuddles and their mum and dad!!

Well this was a Twitter tweet-up so obviously pudding was important.  Mini-Kolo and #MiniBreeze went for the chocolate pancake.  It was yummy!!

Sadly when you live on an island you have to be aware of the ferry or hovercraft timetable and we had to leave a little before the others to catch the hovercraft.  We hope to see everyone again soon.  Thank you to TGT for organising everything, as he does so often, and thank you to everyone for being there.  It was a lovely surprise to see Chalky and Cuddles with Joe.

Now other Baboon HQ business, there have been two rehomings.  @BiddyBT was introduced to us, and recommended as a potential good baboon rehomer by @lillieandarchie.

Brian arrived and met the family.  We can see he was welcomed by them and that he has a panda jumper already.  We can see he will be very happy in his new home, with good friends.

@Sugermice (Sugah) has a rehomed baboon Benny who has been with him since around Christmas time.  He saw @SallyjainW's rehomed baboon Betsey and really liked the look of a hamadryas baboon, they are quite distinctive looking!  We were not optimistic about finding one as there are not many around.  However, our hamadryas baboon, Ryan, found a cousin of his who needed a home.

Papio arrived quite quickly and was greeted by the family.  In the top picture they were choosing his name by drawing names out of a hat, because they couldn't decide on the right name.  Papio came out.

Straight away he got hold of the TV guide to decide on their viewing for the evening.  Yes, baboons are telly addicts.  You can see that he and Benny, the little baboon with a red nose, are getting on well and seem to agree about television programmes.  I can see Papio is happy and loved in his new home.


  1. Yyayayayayayayayayayayayyayayayyay xxx

  2. Wow, lots happening ,great tweetup and more rehomings

  3. so grate to see fun times and more homes fur pals! xoxo

  4. Lots of new pals for #MiniBreeze. YAY!!

    Kolo, you more fun dan a barrel of baboons. MOL!!

  5. What a great tweetup!
    I´m dreaming to take part one day too ...