Monday, 4 May 2015

#MiniBreeze on the Troll's Trail

Today is a bank holiday in England because it is the nearest Monday to the 1 May, so we call it May Day. The weekend has been wet and horrible but today was nice so we took #MiniBreeze for a walk along the Troll trail.

This is a popular cycle path between two waterways from Newport, the island's capital to a village called Blackwater.  It is quite pretty and tree lined on both sides.

#MiniBreeze met a number of friends along the way.  This giant dragonfly is carved in wood on a bench.

#MiniBreeze was not afraid of the troll who guards the trail and proved this by climbing on his head.  Its OK the troll is friendly.

When we came out of the trees #MiniBreeze looked over the fields to see the countryside.

The troll likes to remind you that he is in charge of the trail so here is a carving of him in wood.  #MiniBreeze showed his bravery again by climbing on top of him.

On the way back #MiniBreeze showed how well he fits in at Baboon HQ by climbing a tree and hiding in the blossom.

After the walk we needed refreshment and we went to the Bluebells restaurant at Briddlesford farm near the village of Wooton, which is outside our town of Ryde.  The first thing #MiniBreeze wanted to do was to meet the calves they have there.  We had to be careful that the calf didn't try to eat him.  They managed to make friends instead.

We had coffee but, as a cat, #MiniBreeze was more interested in the milk jug.

Briddlesford farm also has a great farm shop with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  #MiniBreeze decided to investigate the root vegetables.

After that we went home to rest up for the next adventure.


  1. Luks like yoo may've picked up a few tastee ingredients fur a post-adventure feast ther! #minibreeze noes no fear, heehee! Annuva luvverlee bloggy Kolo, enjoy the rest of Bank Holibob Meownday, ma furiend!! Huuggs!! :O) :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. ooo trolls! Wat a grate walk minibreeeze! Pandy xoxo

  3. OMC My little plush avatar is so brave! What a fun trail.

  4. He shur is a brave Kitteh Kolo my pal...