Monday, 25 May 2015

#MiniBreeze's Bank Holiday

We are never far from a drama at Baboon HQ and with some dramatic weather and trips to A & E (translators note, that is the ER), and the work thing #MiniBreeze has not be out much lately.  Today is a Bank Holiday so our people were not at work, so they took #MiniBreeze for a walk.  They started in the very pretty village of Brightstone (pronounced Bristun), in the south west of the island.

One of the reasons #MiniBreeze is fitting in so well at Baboon HQ is because, like us baboons, he likes to climb trees.  He climbed this one to see whether he could see the direction he would be taking.

They walked out through the village, with its very pretty waterfall here, and along some paths to get to the cliff path.

#MiniBreeze stopped to look at the sea, from both directions.

They entered a pine forest, #MiniBreeze agreed with Mini-Kolo's assessment, that pine trees are not specially good for climbing, but he found some pretty early summer flowers on the forest floor.  They climbed up through the forest, which was quite hard going (#MiniBreeze hitched a ride like we baboons do).

They came out at the head of this valley and walked along the edge of it, until they came to......

the long stone.  This is a 6,000 year old neolithic burial site.  You can just see #MiniBreeze perched on it.

They carried on up the slope and around the down until they came to this.  Now, OK this may not look much.  However, it is a 4,000 year old barrow, that is an iron age burial mound, where chiefs and highly respected people were buried.  There are quite a few of these in the west of the island.  OK well nothing compared to a 6,000 year old long stone but pretty important really.

They carried on down this particular down and up the next one.  Next they had to go down a very steep path, lots of concentration required.  At the botton #MiniBreeze looked back along the valley where the long stone is.

On a bit further along the valley floor.  Not much left to do now except climb down another steep path to the village.

Here we are #MiniBreeze looked back up the street at the village museum and took a look at the library.

Imagine such a tiny library, there is #MiniBreeze on the white post.  Finally, #MiniBreeze lived up to his feline instincts and found a sunny spot to rest.


  1. Smashing long with #MiniBreeze - thank you for sharing it. I love the tiny library.

  2. even I could live in a place so 're a baboon lucky Kolo many many hugs

  3. What a wonderful walk an bewtyful piktures thanks you Kolo an Minibreeze!

  4. Crumbs neolithika on IOW!!! Fascinating bloggy, Kolo, sent a shiver thru ma furs - wunda how many paws hav touched that Longstone down the yeers? Cool, heehee! :O) :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx