Thursday, 7 May 2015

#MiniBreeze in Freshwater

Yesterday was a lovely day so, as our people were off work, we decided to send them out for a walk with #MiniBreeze.  They chose to walk the Freshwater Way, which is about eight miles.

We started on the Causeway at Freshwater, which is actually about half way around the walk, but as it is a circular walk you can start where you like and you can park for free on the causeway.  This is the river West Yar, it is tidal and the tide is out here.

We walked down the disused railway alongside the river, towards Yarmouth.  You can just see Yarmouth at the back of the view.

From Yarmouth we were going to go back in the opposite direction along the other side of the river but a bit further from the river.

We went through some woods where #MiniBreeze showed off his climbing skills.

Back at the other end of the causeway we came to this old church.  All Saints Freshwater.  #MiniBreeze rested on the wall, before playing in the in the bluebells.

We went on across the Causeway and here we were meant to go through the reed beds.

Advice from Baboon HQ!  If you ever find yourself in Freshwater and think about walking through the reed beds, do not do so unless you can say yes to at least one of the following:

1. The south of England has had a drought for at least two years, or
2. You like padding and sliding through mud and can swim in case you slide into the river, or
3. You have very waterproof footwear and can swim in case you slide into the river.

We used to walk through the reed beds and for several years we found them dry and fun.  However, more often they have been muddy and slippery and you could easily fall into the river Yar.  We took the other part of the disused railway.

We walked down to Freshwater bay and up through some countryside and back to the Causeway, where we picked up the car and drove to the cafe for lunch.

This is the End of the Line Cafe, which used to be the site of the Freshwater railway station until the lines were closed in the 1960s.  My British readers will know all about Dr Beaching, who closed lots of railway lines, including nearly all the lines on the island.  This is a pity from a transport point of view, but does give us great footpaths to walk.

#MiniBreeze went for the tuna baguette.  Well he ate the tuna and left the baguette, salad and crisps!!


  1. Aw He justs like he daddy. Dat me!

  2. yayayayayayaya for mini Breeze xx

  3. Dr Beaching closed railroads? Din't he like they trains? Iz happy you din't fall in dat river!

  4. We iz takin compree-ensiv notes for day cyclin later in da yeer Kolo my pal...