Sunday, 7 June 2015

#MiniBreeze checks out summer

Today #MiniBreeze went on a walk that Mini-Kolo did in March.  Mini-Kolo was looking for spring when he did it.  #MiniBreeze was checking out summer.

We drove to Freshwater and climbed the hill.  #MiniBreeze took the opportunity of a rest to look at the scenery.  This is looking east back towards our end of the island.  You can see Freshwater Bay.

This one is looking north east to see more of the island.

Southward #MiniBreeze checked out the sea.

The climbing continued up to the Tennyson memorial.  Set up as a sea marker for sailors, paid from the residents of the nearest town, Freshwater and admirers of Tennyson from the rest of England and America.  Tennyson (Alfred Lord Tennyson), was the poet laureate in Queen Victoria's day and he had a house near Freshwater.  He walked on these downs a lot.

#MiniBreeze checked out the inscription.

Then we walked down hill for a while towards the west end of the island.

The scenery is varied along this route and #MiniBreeze found a tree to climb to check out the scenery.

Further along #MiniBreeze wanted to lie in a sun puddle and he used the opportunity to check out more scenery.

He looked south to check out to sea.

South west to check out the Dorset coast in the background.  You can just make out Portland Bill.

He looked west to see the rest of the path, nearly there!!

We got to the far western tip and back again.  After all of that climbing, looking at views, climbing trees and lying in sun puddles #MiniBreeze was hungry.  Guess what is in that baguette!!  Yes you got it right, tuna!

Tomorrow #MiniBreeze will go on a different kind of adventure with Mini-Kolo.  It will involve buses, a high-speed ferry, meeting a pal, lunch and who knows what else!!


  1. Summertime fun! *purrrr*

  2. What a smashing blog thank you Mr. K. it's jolly nice to see the island and Mini Breeze getting out and about.

  3. Purrr MiniBreeze sure do lubs da UK. And he lubs Kolo too.