Tuesday, 9 June 2015

#MiniBreeze in Southampton

Yesterday #MiniBreeze and Mini-Kolo visited Southampton and had lunch.  Some of the pictures are not as good as we hoped because the hi-speed ferry goes so fast that the windows are always covered in water as though it is raining.  However, it is worth showing some of them.

It was a very sunny day and #MiniBreeze found a nice sun puddle on the bus going from Ryde to Newport.

At Newport we changed buses and made our way to Cowes, there was a nice sun puddle here for #MiniBreeze as well.

At Cowes we got on the hi-speed Ret Jet ferry and #MiniBreeze looked out at the yachts.  Another sun puddle.

The island is near to the naval base at Portsmouth so it is not unusual to see a navy ship.  Of course the camouflage grey makes them difficult to photograph, especially from a hi-speed ferry.

The Port of Southampton is very large and it accommodates cargo ships and cruise liners.  We were disappointed that there were no cruise liners in the port yesterday but there were plenty of container ships.

We reached Town Quay where the ferry docks.  #MiniBreeze was fascinated by the enormous yachts.

We were meeting @chalkybear13 at the City Station and then we went to West Quay shopping centre to have lunch in the food court.  We chose Ed's Diner.

Well actually they were meeting Chalky's wife, Cuddles.  Don't worry Mini-Kolo isn't in the habit of meeting married ladies without their husbands' permission.  Chalky was busy preparing dinner at #FurryTails.

We had a chickpea and quinoa burger served with cheese, lettuce and mustard.  It was yummy so Ed's Diner gets a high baboon rating from Mini-Kolo.

After lunch Cuddles wanted to buy some donuts for Chalky so we went to Dunkin' Donuts.  #MiniBreeze couldn't resist a photo opportunity.

Eventually we needed to reboard the ferry to go home.  We sat on the other side of the ferry to get different pictures.  It went so fast that the pictures are not great but we decided to show the better ones.

This is the oil refinery at Fawley Island, we can see this from our window at times.

This is Calshott power station that we can see from our window.

These two are of the waterfront at Cowes.  Many of you will know that Cowes is very famous for yacht racing.  Sailing fans from all over the world come here to sail and there is a week in August where there are world famous yacht races.

I am sorry the pictures are not clearer it is not easy to get good pictures from a hi-speed ferry and the spray from the sea made it much harder.

On Friday #MiniBreeze will start a weekend of adventures with Mini-Kolo!


  1. Great job Mini-Kolo & Mini-Breeze - always nice to have lunch with Twitter pals!

  2. Wat a fun day Iz luv teh ferry!

  3. Minibreeze is havin so much fun in Inglund!