Thursday, 11 June 2015

#MiniBreeze meets some interesting characters

This week my person is off work and the manperson was off work yesterday, so #MiniBreeze got out and about again.

All good days out start with breakfast and #MiniBreeze had two croissants with strawberry jam, at French Frank's, in Ryde.  French Frank's gets a high baboon rating for breakfast.

Then we drove over to Freshwater and parked up for a walk.  #MiniBreeze has done this walk before but he concentrated on some different things this time.  Walking through the Victoria Fort Country Park he met some interesting characters.

First he met this interesting character who was drinking tea on a bench.  #MiniBreeze stopped for a chat and a cup of tea with him.

Moving on #MiniBreeze stopped and said look at this!!  We stopped and look and saw this character.

A giant owl down the hill in the woods.  What was he doing out during the day?

Hey we all know that #MiniBreeze has no fear, but wrestling this giant snake and sitting on his head, that is something else!!  We don't usually get snakes in our country and the ones we do get aren't usually this big!!

Well after a long walk and meetings with strange characters #MiniBreeze was hungry, so we went to his favourite cafe, The End of the Line, at Freshwater.  This used to be the Freshwater railway station (high baboon rating for lunch or cake).  What did #MiniBreeze have?  He didn't have his usual tuna baguette, he went for the tuna sandwich this time.

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  1. Gettin me a bit wurry dere Kolo my pal....glad to see dat we haz noms at da end....