Sunday, 19 April 2015

MiniBreeze at Fishbourne

Today we took @Kittehboi's #MiniBreeze for a local walk.  We walked from home to Fishbourne, where the car ferry comes in.  #MiniBreeze saw some interesting things.

This is Holy Cross church in the village of Binstead which is just outside Ryde, where we live.  The church is 13th century.  We couldn't go inside because it was Sunday morning and there was a service going on.  It is an interesting little church.

We got to the next village Quarr, where there is a Benedictine abbey.  #MiniBreeze saw the ruins of the old medieval abbey that was destroyed when King Henry VIII (the one who had six wives) dissolved all of the monasteries in England.  We walked on to where the new abbey is, we didn't go right up to it because, being Sunday, the monks were worshiping and we respected that.  We will take #MiniBreeze another day.

We did visit the abbey farm, where #MiniBreeze met lambs and piglets.

We walked on to Fishbourne where the car ferry comes in.  #MiniBreeze saw the car ferry first from a distance, just disappearing behind the trees.

We went down to the waterfront at Fishbourne, you can see the mainland from here but the spring mist always makes it difficult to photograph.

Then of course we let #MiniBreeze have a look at the car ferry.  I am sure we will take him on this if he is allowed to stay long enough.

Then we walked back the same way and had lunch.


  1. Wot a lubly day yoo had fur exploring! IOW stunning as always - we noes abowt mist, sumtimes yoo can't see Fife because of it, heehee! #MiniBreeze is having smashin' weffa fur his vizit, yay!!!!
    Huuggs!! :O) and :=o)

  2. Nice to see da bacon grownin da sun like dat Kolo my pal....