Saturday, 18 April 2015

#MiniBreeze meets Henry and another couple of things

Hi, as most of you know, we have @kittehboi's double #MiniBreeze visiting us.  Yesterday he got the chance to meet @Henryandfriends.

To meet Henry #MiniBreeze had to go to work, at the university, with my person.  #MiniBreeze didn't really show much interest in the university, why would he?  But he did enjoy the park that the university library is in.

He found some bluebells in the park and he climbed a tree to smell the blossom.

Eventually they had to go to the office, where #MiniBreeze decided that the working life is not for him.

He liked the idea of lunchtime though and he met @Henryandfriends for lunch.

He and Henry chatted a lot.  #Mini-Breeze need to choose from the menu.  He debated between a tuna sandwich and a fish finger sandwich.  He had never tried fish fingers.  I am not sure whether they have them in the US, so he decided that he would try them.

He seemed to like them!!  Henry had a sausage sandwich and #MiniBreeze also tried that.  I am sure Henry will show you that.

Now!  When I was going through my pictures I realised that there was an outing that we had not showed you.  Little Tony from Baboon HQ went for coffee with @MarthaBBear and her adopted baboon Barney.  Little Tony is like me but much smaller.  I am nearly two feet tall and Tony is only 7 inches..  He had a fun time but unlike Mini-Kolo he did not get into the coffee habit.

Like all Baboon HQ baboons Little Tony is a great hugger and so is Barney.  Little Tony gave Barney a big hug.

Little Tony was happy to meet Martha and they did a lot of chatting.  Martha has Isla with her, the little bear she is hugging.  She is called Isla because she is from the Isle of Wight.

Sorry this blog is a bit mixed we forgot to post these pictures and have just come across them.


  1. Mixed up is fine, it was great to see your proxies out with yours (and my) furends - though I have still to meet Henry! Lovely pictures

  2. Smashing bloggie packed wiv info and piccies - kinda like the mash-up stylee, Kolo! Mini-breeze sertainly had adventures galore and as always IOW luks faboolus!
    Big Huuggs!!!! Mogs and Paco xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Dat Mini-Breeze shure do be a luckee fur gettin to meet da grate Enry I fink KOlo my pal...