Sunday, 12 April 2015

MiniBreeze 1

Mini Breeze arrived to visit us this week, from @Kittehboi.  He is fun to have around and we have already Tweeted pictures of him meeting us and watching the big game yesterday.  Today we took him for his first outing.

Warning for Mini-Kolo, my person said MiniBreeze was much more co-operative for photos.  Mini-Kolo you need to shape up.

When MiniBreeze first arrived we were surprised that he kept asking for books.  We have never had a visitor who read quite so many books.  Now we see why, he was using them to stand on to see out of the window.  MiniBreeze likes the outside.

Before going out this morning he checked out the weather and enjoyed some sunpuddles.  We took him to Bembridge, a seaside village at the eastern end of the island.  There is a lovely part of the coastal path there. We used to walk it a lot but in 2010 it was closed because it was dangerous.  They promised to work on it and reopen in January 2011, it reopened this month! We have missed it.

MiniBreeze looked at the sea from the cliff path.  The tide was out so he could see lots of beach.

They went along a wooded path at the top of the cliffs.  Cats have quite a lot in common with baboons because they both enjoy climbing trees.

When he came down MiniBreeze tried to hide in the primroses.  He almost managed it.

There was a break in the trees as we approached Whitecliff Bay.  MiniBreeze wanted to have a look.

He got a better view from the other side of the bay.

They climbed up to the gate.  After this there is a step path up onto the downs.  They often walk it, but not today.

On the way back MiniBreeze got the chance to join Her Majesty's Coastguard.  What a privilege!

Briefly back to Mini-Kolo, he came across some flowers for you on Easter Monday but forgot to show them.

Anyway I think MiniBreeze had a good day out, he will get another trip out next week end.

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  1. Good to see yoo haz equill hoppertunitee vizzitin rites for non-baboons Kolo my pal...