Sunday, 22 March 2015

Rehomings and spring flowers

Hello everyone.  There were two more rehomings in March and they have both arrived and are settling in.  They are both in England.

The first one to arrive was Brodie who has gone to live in a secret location, at Spy HQ, with @secretbear007.

Brodie met the family and made new friends:

Brodie wasted no time in settling in and showing off his reading skills and eating bananas!

Brodie started his spy training very quickly:

Yes he needed rescuing, but it was just the start.  He has already got to the level of having high level talks with @TangoMango9.

It looks as though things are going well there.

The other rehomed baboon is Bea, who has gone to live with @Rosiebear90

It looks as though Bea and Rosie are getting on well.

Thank you to both rehomers for giving baboons new loving homes.

Now, Mini-Kolo promised you more spring flowers.  He went out and saw lots, but he didn't remember to take the camera with him!!  So we sent him out again.  Unfortunately it was a week later and he went somewhere different.

He looked hard for spring flowers, it was not easy.  He has missed the snowdrops but was looking for daffodils and primroses.

He was disappointed, when he manged to find one primrose alone:

and one daffodil!!

He realised that, having missed so many opportunities the previous week, this was not enough.  Imagine his relief when he found these:

Phew, he managed it!  Next time he will take the camera at the appropriate time and get all the flowers.  However, we can remind you about snowdrops, because young George found them last year.

Well done George you dug us out of a spot there!!

Thank you for reading!! HUGS HUGS HUGS!!


  1. Yay fur noo homes, being a spy sownds cool! Such pritty flowers mini-Kolo, thanks you fur da pix! xo