Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Monkey Haven

We like to go to the Owl and Monkey Haven as often as possible and we always go after we have returned from our summer holiday.  When he got back from the US of A Mini-Kolo was all traveled out so we decided another baboon would go on the visit.  Freddy went last year so this year Aboo wanted to go.  He is good at climbing and swinging so we thought he might get on well there.

Since Freddy's visit the haven had got some Barbary macaques.  We particularly wanted to see them.  I always feel they are sort of like baboons without tails.  They are very cheeky in Gibraltar, teasing holiday makers.  Aboo was very excited to chat with this one.

They seemed to get on well, maybe that is because Aboo also doesn't have a tail.

He seems interested in what Aboo is saying to him.  Aboo was thrilled to have met him, we have been looking forward to their arrival in the haven.

We know lots of our friends like these little chaps, the marmosets, so Aboo visited them.  They were not keen to be filmed with him there, not sure why but he seemed to disturb them.  Well that didn't surprise us, he tends to disturb us too.

We always like the Lar Gibbons, they usually like swinging so Aboo taught them some new techniques, they seem interested but they are pretty good at swinging already.

We love the Jarvan langurs. We loved Fudge but sadly he died.  Now they have Wheat, he is the ginger one, the darker ones are all his girlfriends.  They are very mischievous and rush around all the time.

This one came over to have a look at Aboo swinging and have a chat!

A lot of the monkeys were not feeling like being photographed, they were so busy playing and moving around, we are always lucky to find a few who do.  However, we chatted with all the monkeys.

We always like this chap.  He is a red-tailed Guenon.  He has to live on his own because he was raised as a pet and when other zoos have tried to find him someone to live with it has not worked out because he has not been socialised that way.

Aboo really enjoyed his visit to the sanctuary.  All that chatting and swinging made him hungry so it was time for tea and cake at the Bluebell Cafe at Briddlesford farm.  It always gets a great baboon rating for cakes.

Aboo enjoyed that enormous piece of lemon drizzle cake.

If anyone is coming to our island remember the haven, they will always welcome you.


  1. I hopes we can visit there wun day! xoxo

  2. Takes me back to my visit there with Martha!! I don't remember lemon drizzle cake on my visit though - maybe next time!

  3. Pawsome to see al da munkee pals doin well Kolo my chum....