Thursday, 11 September 2014

Fun in Chicago

After four great days in Portland Mini-Kolo caught his flight to Chicago, Alaska Airlines again of course!  This airline gets a very high baboon rating for efficiency, snacks and customer service.

Now that's right this is when he was meant to be wearing his Cubs shirt.  Mini-Kolo's travelling wardrobe is very carefully planned!  The flight was fine and Mini-Kolo got a cab to the airB&B apartment that our people were renting.

It looks like a very grand entrance.  Mini-Kolo guarded all the luggage while they waited for the key-holder.  The apartment was spectacular.

How grand!!

The apartment was very near to Lake Michigan.  Mini-Kolo couldn't wait to have a look at that.  It is massive!!

You can't see the other side.

Mini-Kolo's next Chicago project was to have pizza.  The first night he tried the thin crust pizza.

Woo Mini-Kolo that was a bigggg pizza.  After that Mini-Kolo was full and tired and went back to bed.  He had a quiet breakfast at home the next day and then it was time for the big Chicago (Pugcago) Tweet-up!!

Mini-Kolo met @TommyPug's person, @Koosa_Party, @Sid_The_Catahoula's Lisa and @JennyRosePetal's mum (she came later and met Mini-Kolo for dinner).

They met at Navy Pier where Mini-Kolo nearly got hijacked by an adoring official Chicago Tour Guide.  @TommyPug's person brought their rehomed baboon Austin and Alan their bear from @ThisBear, one of the Koosa's came with their rehomed baboon Cornelius and Captain Bananas.  The baboons and Captain Bananas soon wanted to climb a tree.

They would have been able to see Lake Michigan and he Chicago skyline, if only they didn't have their backs to it!!

A portrait shot was required with everyone.

You can see Cornelius, Captain Bananas, one of the Koosas, Mini Kolo and  in front are Austin and Alan.

More climbing of course, there is an anchor at the end of the pier and what monkey, baboon, Koosa or bear could resist climbing on that.  Austin and Alan are high up in the little hole, Mr Koosa is sunbathing and Mni-Kolo, Cornelius and Captain Bananas are in the foreground!

It was a lovely day and they spent some time walking on the pier until lunch time.  They went to Bubba Gumps, where Mini-Kolo had a Dixie Fishwich.  This would have made him feel as though he was in New Orleans, but he hasn't been there, Leroy (@Leroy_Sealion) has.

Mini-Kolo really enjoyed this, oh yes there were chips (fries) with that and a blueberry smoothie, that was yummy too!

On the way back from the wonderful Tweet-up Mini Kolo came across the beginning of Route 66.

Leroy and his brother Henry found the end of it in LA in 2011, so we have seen both ends.  Maybe one day we will see the middle!  Mini-Kolo met @JennyRosePetal's mum later and they had burgers (veggie burger for Mini-Kolo), unfortunately it was dark and we didn't get a photo.  After a long, busy and hot day Mini-Kolo went home to bed.

The next day he went out to breakfast in a cafe in the neighbourhood where they were staying, French Toast appealed to him that day.

This was yummy and got him ready for his architectural river cruise.  It was rather wet during the cruise but Mini-Kolo got a couple of good pictures.

The cruise was very interesting and the skyline of Chicago was fascinating.  After the cruise Mini-Kolo had a mission.  He needed to go to Chicago's famous chocolate ship, Fanny May!

This was a great shop and money was spent there! Well buying all that chocolate was enough to make a baboon hungry so it was time for a late lunch of deep dish pizza.

This was nice and very filling!!  Mini-Kolo was so full he couldn't eat any dinner, in fact shock!  horror!  He couldn't even eat any of the chocolate he had bought.  Instead of dinner he went for a walk around a little bit of Lake Michigan.  What!!!  A baboon missing dinner!  Horrifying!!  Unheard of!!

At least that gave Mini-Kolo a bigggg appetite for breakfast the next morning.  He had:

crepes and, well after missing dinner he had:

French toast.  If any of you go to Chicago go to mHenrietta for breakfast, it was so good!!

Well sadly, after breakfast it was time for Mini-Kolo and our people to get to Chicago O'Hare airport for the  flight home.

It was a great holiday in the US.  Thank you to everyone who met us and entertained us.  We had a great time and hope to back somewhere next year.



  1. wot a grayt tweetup kolo nd a luffly visit too chicago wot seems beary gud fur noms :) well dun on a gud rtie up :)

  2. WOW, what a great time Mini Kolo had - and he got to meet some Chicago pals. M would have loved to have met your human, but she won't drive that far anymore and especially not in Chicago.

  3. We luvs Chicago an you iz so lucky to meet efurryone including mai brofur Sid's Lisa! *pawhugs* xoxo

  4. What a lovely time you had. The Apartment looked fab and those pizza yummy Jose must travel over the pond some day all had

  5. Pawsome my pal...I just whisper to Minee Kolo dat at da start of Root 66 is Joe Mitchells Diner...da brekfust dere haz to be seen to be bleev I am told...typist filled his boots when we was dere earlier dis yeer

  6. Aw Kolo!! This looks like such a great trip!!! Hugs!