Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Activities in Portland

After a good night sleep Mini-Kolo went down to breakfast in the rather fun breakfast room in the hotel.

You could serve yourself to breakfast and there were always sweets available on the tables.  Mini-Kolo tried out the waffle maker.

After that he went for a walk.  One of the big things that Mini-Kolo was interested in seeing was Oregon woods so he walked a trail through some woods.

The woods were so beautiful that he wanted you to see them.  It was a long walk and Mini-Kolo needed a caffeine fix after that.  He found a cafe that had a table and chair just the right size for him.

The Dragonfly Cafe in Portland was great and Mini-Kolo gave it a high baboon rating.

After that he needed lunch and he found a cafe that did an eggplant (aubergine) sandwich, with very yummy crisps.

The next day Mini-Kolo visited the Rose Garden in Portland, another good walk for him.

He saw roses, which were nice, but he also saw his favourite Oregon thing, the pines!

Mini-Kolo is fascinated by large pine trees.

Another tiring walk and he was ready for lunch.  He found a French bakery and bought sandwiches back to the hotel to eat lunch in their roof garden.

This was a tuna mayonnaise sandwich!

In the afternoon Mini-Kolo was called upon to help out the Portland Fire Department.  They had obviously heard that he had done a good job helping out the LA Fire Department last year.

On the third day Mini-Kolo decided to go up in the cable car to see Portland from the air.  This was a little way from the hotel so Mini-Kolo had to get the streetcar.  He waited for it outside the hotel.

It came along quite quickly and took Mini-Kolo to the cable car stop.

Now we don't usually do this but here is a picture of our people.  Somebody kindly took pictures of them from the viewing platform of the cable car.

Our people don't expect anyone really wanted to see them, but the interesting thing in this picture is the view of Portland and the Rocky mountains behind.  It was very high and quite a spectacular view.  It was rather windy so Mini-Kolo stayed safely in the rucksack.

On the last night in Portland Mini-Kolo had the best fish and chips he had ever had.  Now note what I just said.  Mini-Kolo, like the rest of us at Baboon HQ, is English.  It is believed that fish and chips is a totally English dish, so note that the best fish and chips Mini-Kolo has ever had was in Oregon.

Now stupidly I cannot give you the address of this bar, but it is in 23rd North West, north of Northrup Street.  It was surprising to Mini-Kolo to get coleslaw with his fish and chips rather than mushy peas, but he reports that it was fantastic.

Well finishing his time in Portland on a high, the next day Mini-Kolo moved on the last stage of his holiday, in Chicago. We will blog about that tomorrow.

Thank you for following Mini-Kolo's adventures in Texas and Oregon.  More adventures and food to come in Illinois.

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  1. We went to the Rose Garden! The day AFTER they cut all the flowers off for a flower show! Booo. Enjoying the blog my furend!!