Monday, 8 September 2014

Texas 2014

Mini-Kolo visited Texas in 2012 and the people there kept saying 'you come back now y'all'!!  So this year Mini-Kolo did!!  He visited our good friend Monkey and the first thing he did was to give Monkey a big hug. This was on behalf of our friend @ThisBear who asked Mini-Kolo to give Monkey a hug from him.

Here is the photographic evidence.  The next thing he did was to go for some TexMex food.  The lighting in the restaurant was quite dark so we didn't get a good picture this year.  However, Mini-Kolo Monkey and Leroy went to a different branch of the same restaurant last time.  I wanted to show the picture because Glorias in Dallas gets a very high baboon rating for food and service.

Well in Texas breakfast is important.  The first day he went for breakfast to a place that was so good that Mini-Kolo ate it all before we could photograph him.  Whoops!!

Oh yes there were other breakfasts.  Here Mini-Kolo had to choose between blueberry pancakes, cinnamon bun or omelette!!  The Crossroads Diner in Dallas gets a very high baboon rating for food and service.  Mini-Kolo tried all of these and loved them all.

Cafe Brazil in Dallas!!!  Ummm yes lovely omelette with fried potatoes, avocado,tomatoes and toast!!  What more could you ask!!  An exceptionally high baboon rating!!  Always a favourite!

Ah here is a favourite, Normas, also in Dallas!!  We love Normas!!  Their motto is 'life is short, eat dessert first'.  Sounds good to us!!

Far too much to choose from.  Mini-Kolo had French toast, that was yummy as well.  OK four days, four breakfasts but only three photos!

Then we went shopping in our favourite supermarket in Texas, Central Market!!  Well they say everything is bigger in Texas, so just look at this apple and the veggies behind.  Yes, they are big!!

Here is why we baboons love Central Market so much.  Look at these cakes.  Mini-Kolo chose a cheese cake for our lovely family there in Dallas.

One of our favourite places in Texas is the Stockyards at Fort Worth, near Dallas!!  They are great, so we went along!

Texas is very proud of its fine flag and here it is.  The Lone Star State flag!!

Mini-Kolo found a cactus in Fort Worth but I can see he stayed clear of it!

We loved this mural of a cowgirl!

Mini-Kolo met some friendly longhorns!!  Not the footballers this time but the animals.

They weren't all that chatty, but we love their horns!!

After that Mini-Kolo had a look at the cowboy hall of fame where he got to ride a horse his size!

That made Mini-Kolo thirsty. It was a very hot day.  He went to a saloon, well where else would you go for a drink in a cowboy town?  The specialty of this saloon was Buffalo Butt Bear.  See they even had the buffalo butt to prove it!!

Hey now is that some buffalo butt!!

Other than that Mini-Kolo spent a lot of time in Texas with our lovely family but he also went out to a new park in down town Dallas, near the art museum.  He was surprised to find that Southwest airline had provided seating for him.

Well after three great days in Dallas it was time for Mini-Kolo to move on to Portland.  He got to Dallas Fort Worth airport in time to catch his Alaskan Airlines flight, to Portland, Oregon.  We will report his activities in Portland in the next blog.  Well it might take more than one post, he did a lot of things there!!


  1. Texas always seems to agree with you, Kolo! So glad you enjoyed yourself :-).

  2. i luff th moto 'life is short, eat dessert first' kolo, thats soo funni nd fun :) wosnt th long horn cattle haffin reely long horns? wow they ar silly length.. how them cattle suppowsed too get threw a daw?

  3. Meowza thanks you fur da trip repawrt, I haz nevar been to see longhorns an I haz nevar seen so many caykes in one place. I must visit this Dallas place too! Hugs an purrrs

  4. What a Pawsome blog Kolo, you all look like you had a great time , loved the photos too

  5. Dat luk like a pawsome oliday my pal....*slobber*