Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Arriving in Portland, Oregon

Well Mini-Kolo made his flight to Portland OK.  Alaskan Airlines have great snacks so as soon as he took his seat he chose his snacks for the journey.

Mini-Kolo chose the fruit and cheese platter, which was very nice!!  What I can't understand is why he is wearing his Cubs shirt, that is meant for him to wear in Chicago where the Cubs are based!!  Editorial error or wardrobe malfunction??

Last year when we went to Portland, we had a big tweet-up.  We really enjoyed that but many of the people had travelled a long way and we didn't like to ask them to do that again so soon, but we did miss them, so maybe next time.

We stayed in the same fantastic hotel as last year, Inn at Northrup Station.  It is so funky, you really must go there is you ever stay in Portland.  They looked after us very as well.  Just look at the room!

Mini-Kolo really loved this model of the hotel with the trams outside. The funky corridor above is really special too.

We arrived at dinner time and wanted to eat quickly so we went back to the Lucky Lab at NW, where we had the tweet-up last year.  Yes, of course, pizza!!

Salad with it???  Is that really Mini-Kolo??

After the pizza and what appears to look like wine (I will have to look into that), Mini-Kolo was tired so he went to bed in the hotel.

In the next post we will tell you all about his adventures in Portland.  He had three very active days!!


  1. Looking forward to the next installment - and maybe we can tweetup with you in Portland too!! Maybe - well, there's always the Isle of Wight. Loving the pizza (the salad was clearly a mistake).

  2. What a nice trip mom and mini Kolo must have had. Bet you were wishing you could have gone along too.

  3. Minee Kolo my pal....yoo is a gore-may baboon....I are scribblin down notes of wear to go