Wednesday, 5 December 2012

That working thing

As most of my friends know I keep disappearing because my person keeps saying they are so busy at work that they don't have time to help me and when they come home they are tired.  I thought I would investigate this as it sounds a bit fishy to me.

I got ready to go and went to work on the hovercraft.

I really wanted to climb up on the back of the seat and look out of the window but when I started the hovercraft man shouted at me to sit down.  That didn't seem fair because when Leroy (@Leroy_Sealion) went on the catamaran he climbed right over everything.  I guess the hovercraft is more disciplined than the catamaran.

When we got off the hovercraft we had to walk to work.  We came across some odd people on the way.

I think they are pirates so they are locked up in prison behind these bars. I was already beginning to think that going to work is a strange thing.

I got ot work and met Richmond (@study_monkey) who is a very clever monkey who works at the university helping the students with their academic skills.

Richmond gave me some training as an academic skills tutor using this very important study skills book.  He is very clever and knows all about these sorts of things.

After that, being a trained academic skills tutor I was ready to give some support to students.  Richmond said I could do some of the online support for the distance learning students, while he saw some students who were coming to the office.

Giving online support is actually quite easy for a trained academic skills tutor like me.  Its just like typing really.  I needed my big cup of coffee though cos people at work always drink big cups of coffee.

You can see my screen is blank.  That is cos I had to turn it off for this photo.  We trained academic skills tutors are very concerned with confidentialness so that means I can't let you see what is on my screen.

After that I got a bit tired of doing work so I had a look at the Christmas decorations.

By the time I had done all that it was time the most important thing that working people do in their day.  Having lunch with friends.

I met our dear friend @Henryandfriends for lunch.

We had different lunches but we both had chips.  As you can see they are square chips, but hey a chip is a chip and who cares what shape they are they were really yummy.  Henry has very good manners and uses a fork and a napkin when he is eating.  I am a baboon so I eat with my fingers.

Well we went back to work after that and did more support but after that it was time to go home.  It was quite a cold day but very sunny and sitting in the sun was nice so I did sit and look at the sea for a while till the hovercraft came.

I could see the island where I live and all the Solent forts and boats and things in the sea.  Eventually we went back on the hovercraft.

So well I am not sure what is so tiring about working.  I quite enjoyed it really but I guess I don't have to do it every day so maybe its easier for me.


  1. Oh looked very efficient(and handsome) at work xx Lovely to see u nd Henry too and of course...chips!!!!!

  2. Having lunch wiv Henry must've bin reely nise - a catchup wiv chips. yum!Beary gud report, Kolo!!
    p,s Did yoo spot The Measle? It must've bin hiding sumwher!
    Big squidjy huuggs and a snuggle frum Paco!
    Mogs xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. You looked right at home in the office, Kolo! So glad you and Henry were able to have lunch together :-).

  4. You lucky baboon! You got to have lunch with Henry!

    My mom's the same way about work. She sits at a computer all day, so I don't know why she's always so tired when she gets home.

  5. Wow! You had a great adventure at work! Say hi to Henry for us! The hovercraft sounds cool! I'd wanna look out the windows, too. Ask your mom what that place is with the pirates, too, it looks interesting!! *big pawhugs*

  6. Werk sort of looks boring but teh hovercraft an lunch with Henry iz pawsome! Grate job Kolo!

  7. i finks th werk fing dus be ova raytid .. lunch dus be much betta

  8. Awesome! Lunch da bestest bit! And meeting Henry even betters! XXXXX

  9. Sownds like a great day at work! You are correct dat lunch is da best part. love da fotos. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

  10. Nice post pal. Hugs. Punkinhead