Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mystery at Baboon HQ

Well as you all know Marley Baboon arrived on Saturday and he I am happy to tell you he is settling in well.

Marley is quite a shy baboon but he is loving being part of a baboon family and he and Edward get on particularly well.

But the mystery remains.  Where did he come from? Who sent him? We are no nearer to finding out.  We have eliminated @jazzydacat from our enquiries, it is the sort of kind thing she would do, but she has a water tight allibi.  No other suspects have been identified.

I was thinking of getting @spencerteddy, our resident Twitter detective on the case, but actually if the friend who sent him wants to remain anonymous then they have every right to do so, so I won't enquire any further.

What I do want to say is, whoever you are, I hope you are reading this.  Thank you so much, we love having Marley here, he is a lovely baboon and I know he is happy to be here.  All the baboons and human helpers here love him and we are so happy you did send him.  Thank you and if you want to remain anonymous I will not make any further enquiries but if you ever want to say please feel free to.  The most important thing is that Marley is happy and he is where he belongs.


  1. ooo welcome Marley! We luvs a good mistery!

  2. I luvs a mystery! Where is da postage from I wunder...

    1. He came by Royal Mail but postmark was not readable! Must be UK!

  3. duss not be me my chum....