Sunday, 9 December 2012

Kolo in Chichester

I was quite envious when I saw my German friends going to Christmas markets.  Then I found out that some of our bigger cities have them too. We know there is a big Christmas market in Winchester, we love Winchester my person's grandmother used to live there so we know it well.  Would we go to Winchester?  Salisbury is a lovely city and that has a Christmas market for the first year.  We could go there but it is a longer journey.  What about Chichester, its another lovely city nearby.  We can see the cathedral from our kitchen window on a good day and my person knows it a bit but man person was interested in visiting and its probably the nearest, so we chose Chichester.

We had to take the car on the big ferry.  This is not like the hovercraft because I could climb up and look out of the window.

The ferry is big and has a shop and a cafe as well. We took around 35 minutes on the ferry, then we drove to Chichester.

Now, you may remember that I went to Chichester to see a Christmas market, but I didn't spend a great deal of time at the Christmas market because I got distracted by ...

Yes you guess it, cakes!  Just look at those cakes!!!

After look at those I needed to satisfy my coffee habit, so I sat looking at the cakes and drinking coffee.

I don't think our manperson realised he could be seen in the mirror!!

Then we went on and what did I find ...

Yes more cakes.  I went in for a further look.

What more could you want, just look at those cakes.

Then I went to have a look at the Christmas market and I did meet some donkeys.

I went to have a look at the cathedral too because that is what we can see from home.


If you think I look at bit grumpy you are right that think I was sitting on was cold and dirty.  It is a beautiful cathedral though.

Then we had some lunch in an interesting cafe.  It seems like a church and it is so near the cathedral that I wondered whether it was actually part of the crypt, maybe somebody who knows Chichester better can tell me.  It is called The Buttery in South Street.

This big stone pillar was by our table.  They had cakes too that looked nice.  I think maybe #caykclub should visit Chichester it seems to be the cake capital of the south of England.

We had a nice day and then we came home on the ferry again.  It was quite cold but we enjoyed ourselves.  But a day at a Christmas market turned out to be a day of cake distractions.  I must go back and investigate these cakes further.


  1. Looks like a great place have to go there cos of the cayks Ehm I mean the cathedral.

  2. Lovely Christmas market with cakes :)

  3. Oh my cakes cakes and even more cakes! Wat a great day.

  4. Amamzin Cake Day in Chichester my pal....i sure do miss my noms over at the RB....i hope you remembered to take a slice home

  5. How much cayke did you gets? I luv cayke! Well, not rilly but they iz so pritty xox

    1. I didn't get any cake! How wrong is that?

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