Monday, 24 December 2012

Announcing the winner

Hi everyone, another competition has been and gone and we have four winners.  If you are not a winner this time please do not despair another competition will be along before you know it!!

Marley Baboon did the draw as our first choice drawer was very busy.  He did a good job I think although like me he wanted everyone to win.  We had 45 entrants so that could not be possible.

Congratulations to the winners, they are:

  1. The first number to come out was number 1 and that was Bijntje, who wins the monkey or owl adoption from the haven on my island.  Bijntje please look at and choose a monkey or owl to adopt and let me know who you would like and where to have the pack sent to.  Send me a DM on Twitter to let me know.
  2. The next number to come out was number 6 and that is LilyLuWuTo,  Lily you win the bunny T-shirt or mug.  Please look at and let me know whether you want a T-shirt or a mug, what colour and if it is a T-shirt, what size and where to send it.  Send me a DM on Twitter to let me know.
  3. The next number to come out was 37 and that is Oatuling.  Oatuling wins the mug from the Owl and Monkey Haven.  Please let me know where to send it.  Send me a DM on Twitter.
  4. The final number to come out was number 12 and that is JazzydaCat.  Jazzy wins the donation to Marley's fund and I will arrange that for you Jazzy.


  1. Wowsa....well done to the winners xx

  2. thats beary wundahful.. congratyewlayshuns too evearywun fur tsykin pawt! fank yew too kolo fur beein soo generos!

  3. Soo, soooooo excited that I won the donation to Marley's Fund! I have signed up with them for Gift Aid too! XXXX Thank you so much! XXXX

  4. Concats to all teh winners an to teh lucky adoptees! Merry Christmas! xoxox

  5. Congratulations to the winners. What great prizes you offer too Kolo. I especially like the donations and to Marley's Fund too. What an honor for our good pal Marley!

  6. Hurray! Fanks so much my pals....well done to Marley too!

  7. Congrats to the winners! Rosy will eagerly await the next context ! BearHUG!

  8. I am so excited that I won a prize! Thanks Kolo & Marley for another pawsome contest - you're the BEST! *Does #SillyLilyDance in happiness*
    ((HUGS)) ((HUGS)) ((HUGS))