Thursday, 5 May 2016

Today's walk

Oh yes I only blogged this morning and now I am blogging again on the same day.  This is because we are going on a different type of adventure tomorrow and won't have time.  We went for a long walk today, starting in Upper Ventnor.

Harry checked out the view from the Whitwell Road, where we started.  This is at the top of the cliff and there is an undercliff below, before you get to the sea.  Its very high.

We've been taking pictures of bluebells, but Harry found some pinkbells!!  We carried on along the Whitwell Road, which is also the cliff path, and then crossed over a road into fields.

Harry checked where we were when we got to a stile on the cliff above the village of St Lawrence.

We carried on along the cliff path through woody bits and fields, including fields full of flowers, here there were daisies, buttercups and dandelions.

From the cliff path Harry could see St Catherine's lighthouse down on the undercliff, a long way down!!

Harry looked across the downs to where we were headed to, just below the hill in the background.

He looked back over where we had been.

We got to our destination, the viewpoint above Blackgang Chine and below the old St Catherine's lighthouse, also called the pepper pot.  We were thrilled to find the cafe there was called the Banana Tree, that is a new cafe.  We had hot chocolate there and looked at the view.

It was a little bit hazy today, being May, but we could see all over the west of the island to the Needles rocks.

On the way back, not content with finding bluebells and pinkbells, we found whitebells as well.  At first we thought they were snowdrops but we compared them and they were different and grew like bluebells.

There were lots of woody bits along the way so of course we did some climbing, here we needed to climb to avoid the massive stinging nettles below.

On the way back we had to climb this hill and we took at rest at the top to look back at the path and the undercliff, the light house is hidden by trees.

Finally we got back to Ryde and visited the supermarket, Sainsburys, to get some muffins for breakfast tomorrow, as it is somebody's birthday and we have an adventure to go on.  We met our monkey pals who work in their window advertising.  Today they were getting ready for summer barbecues, picnics and the European Football Championships which are coming up next month.


  1. Oh wow Harry had a lovely walk I love all da pics too

  2. Look like a pawsome day my pal....Arry iz furry good at da walkin