Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Long sunny walk

Today was another lovely day and my person is off work this week so we went for another long walk.  We started from home and walked along the seafront at Ryde.

Harry loves the sandy beach here and he likes to look at the boats.

Still on the seafront, at Springvale, Harry could see Seaview which was our first destination.

Harry admired the shingle beach at Seaview.  A lot of people visit Seaview to go sailing.

Moving on we turned inland and walked through fields from Seaview to St Helen's (that is a little village on Baboon Island, not the big town in Lancashire).

We baboons always giggle here, can you see the crazy tree that is much taller than the others?  It is a mobile phone mast disguised as a tree.  Does it fool you?

We reached Bembridge and after stopping for coffee at our favourite cafe, the Toll Gate, we walked along to Bembridge Mill.  This is quite old and small, it belongs to the National Trust.  We will go in one day.

We were making for Brading, and there was still a way to go.

We walked down a few hills and along the sea wall.  This is the ancient sea wall.  I know it doesn't look much like a sea wall and it is quite a long way inland but Brading Harbour used to come up this far.  It has been silted up for centuries now and makes a lovely walk.

We crossed the airfield at Bembridge and into the countryside of Brading Marshes.  On top of the hill in the background you can see Bembridge Fort, it looks like trees from here.  It was a Roman fort but more recently I think it has been an IT company premises.

You can hardly see Harry in this one but ahead the white buildings are the village of Brading where we were going.

After crossing the fields we entered some woods, where we did some climbing.  There were lots of bluebells, you can see some of them in the background.

Before leaving the countryside to walk along the tarmac path into Brading we stopped to have a look around.  You can see for miles from here.  It is a beautiful walk.

We stopped to have a chat with some cattle who love to look at the same view and then walked into Brading.

In Brading we went for lunch at the Waxworks Cafe, in the building that used to be a wax work museum.  It was a very yummy lunch, cheese and appleslaw sandwich with fries and salad.  After a nine mile walk we deserved it.

The cafe has a chocolate shop attached with a lot of lovely looking chocolates.  Harry found these Isle of Wight chocolate bars.

After lunch we took the bus home for a cup of tea and a nap on the sofa.  It was a long hot walk but lovely!!


  1. That's lovely honey, we'll have to come for a visit one day xxx

  2. Yoo have the best places to walk to! So beautiful where yoo live Kolo! Thanks for sharing with us! Petie sends ((HUGS)) & so do I! ((HUGS))((HUGS))((HUGS))