Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Another walk

We are really enjoying our week off work and yesterday we had another walk.  Diego Baboon got up to mischief.  This was rather a strange day because we started on one walk and then turned back and did another, we are not sure why and its not usual Baboon HQ behaviour unless there is too much mud or flooding, which there wasn't!  We started at Brightstone and Diego checked out the cliff path.

This is on the south of the island between Blackgang and Freshwater.  We walked for about half an hour and then about half way through the forest we turned back.  We will do that walk another day while person is still off work.

We drove to Freshwater and walked down our favourite disused railway next to the River Yar.  Diego climbed a tree to get a better look at the river.

The hedges are covered in blossom and Diego wanted to show you.  We walked a different way and found a disused railway station (not surprising on a disused railway line).

This is where Diego got up to a bit of mischief and climbed the signal.  Well he is a baboon.  This disused station is a cafe now, and a bike hire company.

Diego may be mischievous but he knows that the Baboon HQ budget is not for paying fines.  This railway gate threatens that anyone who does not shut and fasten the gate will be liable for a penalty not exceeding 40 shillings.  Well 40 shillings is not so much these days but Diego made sure nobody could accuse him of not shutting and fastening the gate.

We came out at the seafront just outside Yarmouth and Diego had a rest looking at the sea.

Finally we walked back along the river and Diego had a climb to prove he was a baboon.

Another lovely day out followed by tea and a nap.

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