Sunday, 1 May 2016

Russell goes out for May Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day and it was May Day so we decided to do a good long walk.  We drove over to Yarmouth to start walking the Freshwater Way.  Russell, who has just returned to Baboon HQ wanted to be in the pictures.  This was his first outing ever.

At Yarmouth Harbour Russell was fascinated by the boats.  He has never been on a boat but he thought they looked fun.

Boats look good but baboons and boats don't really mix, so we started off walking down the disused railway alongside the River Yar.  The Yar is tidal and the tide was low so we could see lots of plants that are often hidden by water and a little egret was there, you can just see him, the white bird in the water.  Russell stopped for a chat.

The chilly spring seems to have suited the bluebells.  There are lots of them everywhere.  Russell rather liked them.

There are also a lot of primroses still around and Russell like them as well.

At the church on the causeway at Freshwater, Russell stopped to pay his respects.  This is quite an old and beautiful cemetery.  The chilly spring seems to have stopped the trees, over on the west of the island, from getting as much blossom as over here in the east.

Further along Russell spotted some donkeys in a field and stopped for a chat.

The donkeys were very friendly and Russell stopped for a long talk with them.

Russell had a really great day out.  He enjoyed himself, and I think we will have trouble keeping him in in future.  Mini-Kolo better watch out.


  1. There's always something wonderful to espy in the country, and its lovely that you go out to discover it.

  2. Wat a luvly day fur a holiday owting yay Russel!

  3. Yyayayay for Russell...he is vry handsome xx