Tuesday, 16 June 2015

#MiniBreeze buys a car

You may remember that we said our journey to Deal was not entirely uneventful.  Well the event was that we decided that it was time to buy a new car.  As my people were still off work today, this was the day to check it out.

#MiniBreeze likes cars so our people took him with them to look at them.  My people like VWs and decided that they might get another one, so went along to the VW dealership.

We don't need a massive car at Baboon HQ but it does need to be big enough to fit a bike in the back.  #MiniBreeze liked the look of the small VW car, the Up!  He checked out the interior and liked the look of that.

Next step a test drive.

Wow!! Check out this smart dashboard in the test car!!  Sadly it doesn't come as standard but it was rather nice and attracted a good sun-puddle.

We drove out to the west of the island.  Sadly no sunshine there today but #MiniBreeze decided it was a smooth ride.  He has had to get used to cars being right hand drive over here.

Well food is important and when we stopped for coffee #MiniBreeze decided to try a scone.  This is a very popular food item in England.

Back into the car and #MiniBreeze's turn to drive.  He highly recommended the car and drove back to the dealership to do the deal!!

Yes, we bought the car, a red one, sadly no fancy red dashboard but we are very excited.  We will probably have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for delivery but that is OK.  Thank you #MiniBreeze for helping us to decide.


  1. Golly how wonderful Kolo, MiniBreeze helped you to buy a car!

  2. The only way is Up! Babee, for yoo and ey now! Beary smart indeedee, and beary egsiting on a roadtrip, heehee! :O) and :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Excillint choyce Kolo my pal...we haz a VW...haz to fit double bass in da bak! Bol....

  4. Buying a new car is one of the most exciting times for an adult! Aside from the expense of such a big purchase, it can be a ton of fun to shop and test drive. It looks like you made a great choice! The car looks very sleek and fun to drive based on your pictures. I love the red dashboard!