Sunday, 1 February 2015

Autumn and January rehomings

I updated you on the autumn rehomings but I was not able to download the pictures at that time, now I have solved that problem, so I thought, while I was updating you on the January rehomings I would show pictures of the autumn ones as well.

Here is Sid's Lisa's Aldric on his road trip!! He looks really excited to be in the car.  I hear he is getting on very well in his new home.  In the previous blog our HQ baboon Barnaby stood in for Aldric as a body double!

Another baboon that we could not show pictures of was Sugah's @sugarmice's Benny.  Here he is with Sugah and family.

Our HQ baboon Ozzie was his body double in the earlier blog.

I told you about one baboon that had just arrived and had not been named yet, this is Beauregarde who has gone to live with lovely @EllieandEdmund, who do so much for anipals.

I obviously don't need to tell you how happy he is, look, he has pizza!  Baboons love pizza!!  Oh did I say that before??  Ozzie also doubled for him last time.

Now for the January rehomings:

The first baboon to arrive this month was with our dear friend @SirScamp.  Meet Bernard!

Here is Bernard with his new family.  Yes, his hoodie does look a little familiar!  Well this is because it is similar to the ones that a few of our HQ baboons wear.  Note I said similar, not 'the same' this is because his is a Liverpool FC hoodie not an Arsenal one.  That is fine, we Arsenal fans respect Liverpool and I am quite happy for a baboon to join a Liverpool family!  I think Bernard has had quite a good time watching his new football team so far!!

In my last blog I mentioned that we had a mother and baby baboon to rehome.  Lots of our lovely pals offered a home.  I conducted a draw on 15 January and Fred @summerstormum was the lucky pal.

Meet Honey and baby Andrew.  They look very happy in their new home.  They joined Fred's existing rehomed baboons, Jim and Little Jim!

As you can see they are much bigger than Fred's other baboons, but Honey and Andrew are very gentle, so it will be fine.  Little Jim looks very little compared to these two but he looks confident.

Four more baboons left HQ just yesterday.  Another mother and baby baboon to join @lillieandarchie's baboon Hairy Harry, a baboon like Fred's Jim (right of this picture), left to join @PumpkinPuddy and Barnabas Baboon, and another baboon left to live with our lovely JB @myownshadow100 as a first rehomed baboon there. This will make 116 rehomings overall.

Thank you for reading and being interested in the rehomed baboons, and massive thanks to all of our rehomers!! HUGS HUGS HUGS!!


  1. So many happy new families! *pawhugs* xo

  2. Orrah! A 4-baboon owse must be a appee owse Kolo my pal....all da pals look appee of corse.....yoo still doin grate weeks....fink it be were a nite-ood in da next noo years onners