Thursday, 26 February 2015

February rehomings

More of our dear friends have been kind enough to take baboons into their homes.  For some it is the first baboon and others they are joining other baboons.

The first baboons to arrive at their new home didn't have to travel far.  On the right, in the yellow T-shirt,  is Hairy Harry who has been living with @lillieandarchie since March 2014.  They love Harry so much that they wanted him to have other baboons to be with .  This is Truffles Ruffles, what you possibly can't see that Truffles Ruffles has a tiny baby, Cocoa Bean.  Harry has been looking after a family of bears but now he has other baboons with him too.

Harry is going to be busy with all of these friends.

Next to arrived was Oliver.

Oliver is the one on the right.  He has gone to live with @PumpkinPuddy and their baboon Barnabas, on the left in front of Pumpkin's face.  What a handsome family they are.

Finally a first time adopter, our dear friend @myownshadow100 (JB) adopted Mac.

Mac has only just arrived as he had a very long journey.

We can see that all of these baboons have been welcomed and are settling in well.

Thank you to all of the baboon adopters, both old and new.  The rehoming has been going on since November 2011 and so far 116 baboons have found new homes, with two more underway.

My aim was to rehome 100 homeless baboons but its just grown and grown, thanks you all of you.  I should mention that we have 30 baboons living at Baboon HQ now, including me.  That is a large troop I need to manage!!

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  1. Iz good to haz reinfawcemints I fink Kolo my pal....elp to share da werks