Thursday, 12 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

I want to wish everyone a very happy Valentines day.  I sent out cards to all of those whose addresses I had but I'm sure I didn't get to all of you.  I have never sent Valentine cards before but I see that our US friends send them to all their friends, not just romantic connections, so I thought I would do that too, to show all of you that I love you.  If you didn't get a card from me it is not that I don't love you it is just that I don't have your address, or the postman hasn't got to you yet.

Some friends sent me pictures of themselves with their cards and I thought I would share some of them with all of you.  Again, if I have missed your picture it is just because there were so many but I love all of them.

Cards got as far as:

The Netherlands


Even Australia

and Canada

And as near as:

the North of England

and hey just round the corner in the south of England!

Thank you to everyone who sent pictures.  I hope everyone has got their cards by now but I know what the post can be like.

The main message is that I love all of my friends and that means YOU!!  I hope you all have a happy Valentines day and that your humans do too.  Remember that you don't need a special love of your life to have a good Valentines day, just remember your friends who love you.


  1. lovely idea sending Valentines cards thank you Kolo, hugs from Jose. Happy Valentines to all Kolo's friends round the world x