Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Rehoming update!!

Oh dear, it has been a while since I did an update on the re-homed baboons.  This has been partly because my person has been off their game, partly because I have had trouble downloading photos and partly because we have had worries about a baboon who took a very long time to arrive.  However, all are safely in their new homes now so I feel its about time I did an update.

Yes, we are still re-homing baboons although it has been slower recently. There are three re-homings to report on, one on the way to his new home and one I would like help with.

I still haven't managed to download the pictures people have sent. However, rather than do a blog with no pictures some of the Baboon HQ baboons have agreed to act as stand-ins for re-homed baboons that look like them.

The first baboon to reach his new home, in September, was Benny who has stayed in England to live with our dear friend Sugah, @sugarmice.  Benny looks like our HQ baboon Ozzie, although he is larger than Ozzie.

We hear that Benny has had a great Christmas eating cherry liqueurs and watching television.  We know he has fitted into Sugah's family very well and is very happy.

The next baboon to be re-homed was Aldric, who has gone to live in Chicago with our dear lovely Sid's Lisa and the new kitties.  We know Aldric has been on a road trip to Iowa already, lucky boy!  He has been a great comfort to Lisa since she lost lovely Sid.  We had the great pleasure of meeting Lisa in Chicago this summer and talked to her about re-homing a baboon them.

Aldric looks like our Baboon HQ, detective mad baboon, Barnaby (apart from the Arsenal shirt)!!  We heard that, with his long arms, he is happy putting his arms around kitties necks and riding around on their backs.  What fun!

We were very relieved this morning to find out that another baboon had arrived in Georgia to live with @ellieandedmund.  Marshall Sheldon suggested them as great potential baboon re-homers as they do so much for wild animals.  Thank you for the suggestion Marshall.  This baboon took weeks and weeks to arrive.  We had not addressed it well (I said person was off their game), so well done to the US Mail for getting him where he needs to be.

Again, we could not download the picture but this baboon, yet to be named, is another one that looks like our Ozzie, but bigger.

Another baboon is on his way to live with our pal Sir Scamp in England, more about him when he arrives.

Now, I need your help!  A mother and baby baboon have arrived at Baboon HQ and need a home.  This is a large baboon, nearly as large as me!  So she needs a home where they are happy to re-home a big baboon with a very sweet baby.

You will see that this mother and baby will need a lot of bananas and banana milk.  If you are interested in re-homing them baboon please let me know by leaving a comment on this blog, sending me a DM on Twitter or a message on CBS, by 15 January.  On 16 January I will have a draw to see how will re-home them.  All entrants welcome, it doesn't matter where you live or whether you already have a re-homed baboon.  If you are interested please say.

Thank you for reading and for being interested in the re-homed baboons.



  1. Omaigoodnesssss so many noo homes an famblies fur teh noo year! *pawhugs* xoxo

  2. oh my, they are both so cute.
    Snuffy @snuffynorton

  3. 3 mor baboons owt spreading Hugs arownd the Wurld, a happy ending to 2014, yes!
    Mogs and Paco xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Oh i do be furry appy to see dat a baboon ave gon to liv at Sid's owse my pal.....date be sooper