Sunday, 10 November 2013

Can anyone help this baboon?

Calling all our pals that can sew.  Can anyone help this little baboon?

I have a little baboon here who needs some help.  He is a young baboon who arrived at Baboon HQ to be rehomed.  He would dearly love a new home and I am sure somebody would love to have him he is a real sweety.  However, before he is rehomed he needs a little bit of medical attention from somebody who is good at sewing.

Although my person's mother was a needlewoman by profession my person is absolutely hopeless at sewing so she is not competent to help this little baboon.

As you can see this little chap is missing a nostril, and this needs to be sorted out.

So, if anyone can sew and would be happy to help this little chap, please let me know.  You might want to help him and adopt him or you might want to help him and then return him to me so he can be adopted.

If you would like to adopt him it doesn't matter if you already have a baboon, this one is very friendly.

If you would like to help him please let me know and then let me know whether you want to adopt him or return him to me.

I would be grateful for anyone who can help.

Thank you for reading.


  1. wot a luffly baboon hee is kolo im shure sumwun will luff him just as hee is.. wif wun nostril or wif too *hugs*

  2. Awww man, my human is worthless when it comes to sewing. She's all thumbs. He's such a cutie. Hope he can get medical attention soon.

  3. well said, Olly! I was gonna say that he looks adorable just the way he is too!! *bighugs* - ZackRabbit

  4. Ha ha…typist can barely get itself dressed Kolo my pal so I dissent fink we can elp….how bowt Kafleen? She look to be pretty handy to me….