Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Re-homings and update

Hi everyone, I have been a bit busier on the blog lately because we have constant updates.  Firstly, there have been two more successful rehomings.

The first to arrive went to Florida to live with our friends D. Cunningham (@Skye613).  You can see that this little chap Harry B Tunes (Harry) is making new friends aleady.

I'm sure Harry will be very happy in his new home. 

The next one to arrive went to one of my very first friends on Twitter, Tuffy the Cat (@TuffyCat) who I have known since I joined Twitter in 2009, and whose family I met in LA this summer.

Tuffy and Jeremiah are clearly hanging out together like old friends.  Tuffy tells me that Jeremiah is as mischievous as he is and they have mischief planned.  They look like good friends.

Then we come to the culmination of the story about the little baboon.  As I explained in my last entry he has gone to live with Redinald (@Reddy1408).  Well he arrived on Monday and has already had his surgery performed by Crispy T Dog (@Trustgp). 

See how handsome he looks.  I said he looked so handsome he was as handsome as George Clooney.  Next thing I know they had decided to call him George.  So here is George post surgery and looking very well.  Thank you so much for your interest in him and specially to those who performed the surgery and are giving him a happy home.

Thank you to everyone who rehomes baboons and who is interested in them.  We have two more definite rehomings underway and one possible one, so watch this space.

Thank you so much for reading.  HUGS HUGS HUGS!!


  1. Welcome to Twittawurld, chaps! Post-op George is indeed a handsum boy and wil be up to full hugging strength in no time at all. Jeremiah, yoo'll be hard-pushed to be as norty as owr Paco but do yur best, heehee! And Harry? Kudos fur the middle initial, beary stylish!
    Lub and huuggs! :O) :=o)

  2. George looks pawsome! He better watch owt fur teh lady baboons!

  3. how luffly too heer abowt jeremiah nd fred nd how beary gud that george has been lookd aftah soo beary well :-)

  4. even better noos Kolo my pal....we is prowd to be baboon rehomers....