Friday, 15 November 2013

Update on the little baboon

Hi everyone, remember this little chap?

Last Sunday I asked whether there was anyone who could help the little fewllo, as he needs a new nostril.  We think it will help his breathing as well as his confidence.

We had a wonderful response from friends who wanted to help him or who loved him as he was.  It was very hard for me to decide what to do because so many of you were so kind.  In the end I decided that the best thing to do would be to send him to a friend who was able to help him surgically, as well as offer him a home.  There were two of those and it was very hard to choose.  I decided that the only fair way to make the decision was to send him to the first friend who offered him surgery and a home.  The first offer came from our good friend Redinald.  Who offered surgery, nursing care and a permanent home.

The little fellow will be joining Reddy's baboon Vincent, who has settled into his new home well and is a very good baker.  He has been with Reddy for about a year now.

I am sure Reddy will keep us up to date with his medical progress and how he is settling in. 

Thank you to everyone who offered help I really appreciated the offers and would have loved to have sent him to all of you, as I know you would all have done a good surgical job and given him a great home.  Now I know how many talented surgeons there are out there and what their particular talents are I will keep an eye out for baboons needing surgical treatment and new homes, as now I know we can help them.

Thank you to all of you for your offers and kindness and I am sorry I couldn't send him to all of you.



  1. yay its grayt how pals offerd too helps nd im soo beary pleesd th likkle baboon gowin too reddy fur nursin in hugs.. well dun ebearywun :)

  2. A good choice xxx he will be verrrrrry happy xx

  3. Congratulations on finding that cute little fellow a new home. It's great he will also get the surgery he needs.

  4. He'll be very happy with Reddy, Kolo as I am with Mummy, Daddy, Chalky, Cuddles & Family. *Massive Hugs* Joe Baboonamassa Johnson xxxxxx

  5. Pawsome....we haz been wurryin bowt dat chap all week Kolo my pal