Sunday, 27 October 2013

Chilli Tweet-up

Hi everyone, many of you will know that there was a big tweet-up in London yesterday.  I went along with my cousin Freddy.  We had to start out early so I had a snooze on the train on the way.

Freddy didn't seem tired but I was, we had to run from the hovercraft around to the harbour station, instead of getting the bus, because the roads were closed off for the Great South Run.  We had to go round a long way and only just caught the train.  Phew!! We just made!!

When we got to London we wanted to get pictures of the lovely food at Borough Market, but it was so packed we couldn't even see most of the stalls (my people are not very tall)!  So we made our way down to Bankside to meet our pals.


We all met up at Pizza Express (well who doesn't like a pizza).  Here I am with TourGuideTed, BooBooBearGreen, Chilli_Bear, WilliamSheep, @boderpup's bear friend and other pals.  You may spot a couple of rehomed baboons there.  It is such a treat to meet up with the rehomed baboons.


Here they are, in front of me in the middle is Nuriah the belly dancing baboon of WigglePawty fame, who lives with @dogstoyevsky.  Then the lighter coloured baboon is Tony (after Tony Adams), who lives with @BooBooBearGreen and then we have little Bob who lives with @TourGuideTed.  We caught up on what they have been up to in their homes.  They all seem very happy.

Of course we caught up with BooBoo, our fellow Arsenal fan.  Look at the great Arsenal rucksack he gave me.  Its just the right size for Mini-Kolo.  It also had an Arsenal ball inside and sunglasses.  We had lots of presents.  So much chocolate from everyone.  Thank you so much everyone.

Notice BooBoo's lovely T-shirt, @TourGuideTed got T-shirts and bandanas for the Tweet-up.  Mini-Kolo was a little chubby for the T-shirt but he loves the bandana.

We caught up with Chilli as well in his T-shirt, what nice chap he is.  I am a little concerned that Mini-Kolo is misrepresenting me here.  Our pal @BerniceBlu'Jae says he looks like a hippie, I am more concerned he looks like a gangster!  Oh well he didn't misbehave so I guess he is OK.
We loved meeting everyone, sadly we couldn't go on the river or the London Eye as the others did, because we had to get back for the ferries.  We also are sorry that we didn't get to chat with everyone so much.
Thank you everyone for the chocolates and presents.  We really enjoyed BooBoo's cooking, he made cup cakes with Bailey's topping, Yummy!!!!!
I hope Chilli has a good rest of the holiday, I wish the weather was a bit less wild, autumn is usually a bit calmer here.
Thank you for reading. HUGS HUGS HUGS


  1. Great pics xxx a lovely time

  2. yay a grayt tweet up fur ebearywun *hug hug* fank yew fur th pikjahs kolo :) i howp ther ar meny moor nise tweetups nd pizza fur owah pals :)

  3. Oh what fun Kolo! How lovely that you managed to meet up with so many of your chums. You all seemed to have a great time. Hope you are well rested now. (((Hugs))) (((hugs)))

  4. OMC - what a great meet up you had. What fun it must have been. Wish we lived closer so we could meet you and your human!

  5. Luks like it wus a top tweet-up, Kolo! BBBG's cupcayks sownd faboolus! And its always luvverlee meeting pals frum Twitta! Big squeezy huuggs to all at the tweet-up! :O)xxxxxxxxxxxx :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxx (thats Paco,hehe!)

  6. sounds like you had a great time! thanks for sharing the pics!- zackrabbit

  7. Wat funz times! Lola sends baboon hugs an kitty kisses (I tawt her thoze) hee xo

  8. Oh bumz.....we is so sad we missed da twit up cos of typist silly leg ishyoos my pal...look like fab time wuz had by all