Monday, 20 May 2013

Summer fashion

As some of you know the football season finished on Sunday (well done Arsenal for qualifying for the Champion's League but don't put us through that worry next year please), so the baboons at Baboon HQ decided to get out of their football kit and into summer fashions.

My person decided that we three big baboons deserved some new summer fashions as, since Edward arrived, we have been sharing my clothes.  We have to have human clothes aged around 3 to 4.  I hope you will like what we chose.

Marley chose first.  All the baboons at Baboon HQ love red and Marley ran true to form and chose this red T-shirt.

Yes, that is an applique shark on his T-shirt.  I think he looks very smart.

Edward chose next and he didn't hesitate to choose this navy blue one with sea creatures.

Isn't that just great, I could easily have gone for that one myself.

So Marley had the red one, Edward had the sea creatures one, what was left for me.  I was concerned that my brothers had chosen the best ones.  But hey, no way!  Once I saw this one I knew which was the one for me.

Yes, its a baboon.  How wonderful that somebody made a T-shirt with a baboon on it.

I hope you like our new summer wardrobe.  We feel very special to have such nice T-shirts.


  1. I love Edward's prawn! Although they're all very snazzy.

  2. i really like yours!!!

  3. They ar all lubly but my favrit's the mustard wun. heehee!
    Huuggs xxxxxxx
    Mogs and Paco

  4. All looking cool...but Mr Kolo!!! uber cool xxx

  5. Fabulous shirts ! So on trend! BearHUGs!

  6. Very smart my pal....pawhaps Mr Wenger could use it for the away kit next nivver kno