Sunday, 26 May 2013


Saturday morning at Baboon HQ!

Kolo: Well now the scaffolding has gone we really need to get this garden sorted out, it's a mess.  You were named after a man who knew about gardens, what do you think we should do?

Edward: First we need to get the surface sorted out.  I'll ring Decking For You and order some.  We could do with some benches as well.  I'll order those at the same time.

Two hours later.

Edward: Now Marley, Kolo wants us to bring all this decking up the stairs so he can start laying it.

Marley:  Right lets get going then.

Kolo: Thanks for bringing that up boys I'm getting it laid out.

Kolo: Right Stephen you can help me with the sawing, we need to cut some of the pieces up to go around the edges, this is how you do it!

Kolo: Now that is all done we need to assemble these benches, where is the bench assembly crew?

Yaya: Here we are Kolo and I've got the hammer, leave it to us, you take it easy after your hard work.  Come on Denis and Austin, now is our turn to do some work.

Yaya: Right we need to check out this bench and George, Abooo, Barnaby and Diego need to check that the tree is still good for climbing!

George, Abooo, Barnaby and Diego: Yayayayaaaa the tree is still good for swinging!!

Kolo: Ah now we can relax for a bit and plan what we still need to do.

We need to: assemble the other bench tomorrow, then we need to buy a nice new colourful plant and get the table and chairs out.  Not today though!!  I'm exhausted!!


  1. Kolo dat be mazin werk pal! Yoo did al mak gwate teem nd da finish pwoduk look fablus

  2. Wow! That is so impressive! Love the deck and the bench. The tree looks perfect for you guys! BearHUGs!

  3. That looks so good...what a great place to just be !!!!!!!

  4. oh wow what a great garden & all da baboons did a wonderful job! I love da babbons n da tree BOL !!

  5. WOW that is a gorgeous deck guys. You really did a wonderful job. Yikes, now M is going to expect Koko and me to build one! Well, Koko could probably do it, but I'd have a tough time.

  6. Cool deck! You guys did a great job.

  7. haz cheered I up my very myoosin lookin at all da baboons ard at werk....i was never one for werk myself of corse....but dont let that stop you

  8. Good work compliments Kolo and his willing friends ...

  9. pawsome job, that looks like teh nicest place to relax an hang owt in!