Sunday, 5 May 2013

Shanklin to Godshill

Today was another beautiful sunny day so we went for another walk.  This one started at Shanklin Station and goes along a disused railway.  Why is the railway disused you may ask?  Well once upon a time about 50 years ago the whole island had a network of railways for people to go to places.  Then a man came along called Dr Beeching and he didn't like people going to places so he closed a lot of railways all over the country, including the island.  That was not very good except that it means that the island has a lot of footpaths and cycle paths that used to be railways.

After we left the station and the town we saw a footpath that leads up to the Downs around Shanklin.  We weren't going that way but it was a good place for a little sit down.

I needed to check that we were going the right way so I climbed the signpost to read it.  We were going to Wroxall so we kept going straight on.

The disused railway does make a beautiful footpath with lots of trees and plants.

After we got to Wroxall we needed to take this path through a field.

We met some great animals, these are just a few of them.

Out man person got very friendly with this goat.  I stayed out of the way because I have heard that goats eat anything.

Same with these llams they wouldn't think twice about eating a baboon if one was available to them so out manperson held on to me.

You find some strange things on a country walk.  This gate is the gate to the Appuldurcombe Estate which is at Wroxall, we went through it to leave the estate and walk to Godshill.

We went on to Godshill and stayed for coffee before turning around to come home.  There are things to see at Godshill if you are on holiday it has a beautiful chuch.  However, we needed to find a picnic spot.

We went back the way we had come and found a lovely picnic spot in the field we came through.  We had fantastic views.

Now that is what I call a table with a view, well no table but a picnic blanket in this case.

Then we walked back the rest of the way we came and we are resting out feed for another walk tomorrow on Bank Holiday Monday.


  1. gud aftahnoon kolo wot a wundahful long walk nd i am soo pleesd ths bank hollydey weeken did haf sunshine fur yur walk! fank yew fur th pikjahs.. i doo luff too see yew climin up on fings *hugs*

  2. A nice walk on a beautiful day .. I had never before seen a disused railway .... congratulations Kolo ......

  3. Glad the weather had been lovely Kolo, we love your piccy's. Daddy has walked where you went xxx you're brave to climb up on the gate xxxx Chalky & Cuddles xxxx

  4. It looks lovely Kolo and I recognise many of those places!


  5. Looks like a perfect day for a walk...lovely

  6. Oh what a fun walk! Looks like you got to make a couple of friends along the way too!