Saturday, 10 November 2012

Thanksgiving Competition

Please see two edits both in red.

Hi y'all, well as I've already told you I am as American as apple pie these days so I'm going to celebrate Thanksgiving with y'all.  Well I will have to celebrate it the weekend after because you don't get the day off in England booo!!  So I thought I would do a Thanksgiving competition!

Edit 1: I realise I have got the date of Thanksgiving wrong as I thought it was always the last Thursday of November, sorry about that but I will stick with the dates I announced.

What are the prizes?

As usual all the prizes are first prizes and I hope you will all join in.

This time there are three first prizes.

1. A monkey or owl adoption from the Owl and Monkey Haven on my island. don't worry the haven will continue to look after them for you.

2. A T-shirt or mug from our dear friend @RettetKaninchen's rabbit sanctuary in Germany.

3. The other first prize has been donated by our dear friends @Nutmegtorby and @CheshireK, it is a beautiful painting done by their dear Robin, of their baboon Amani (which means peace).

It is such a beautiful picture that any baboon or art lover would really love to have it.

Edit 2: Please note the picture is 9 inches by 12 inches.

How can I enter?

There are three ways to enter and all entrants will be numbered in the order they enter regardless of which method they use.

  1. Leave a comment on this blog saying you would like to enter.
  2. Send me a DM on Twitter.
  3. Send me a private message on Can Be Social.
When do I have to get my name in by?

Entries will be accepted up to 9.30 am on Saturday 1 December.

When will it be drawn?

It will be drawn on Kolo Thanksgiving Day which will be Saturday 1 December, at 10 am GMT, which is the nearest weekend to proper US Thanksgiving, although @hi_im_monkey and @leroy_sealion might argue that Thanksgiving can as easily be held in April.

How will the draw be done?

@Leroy_Sealion's little brother Henry Sealion, who is a very fair minded lion will do the draw by using a random number generator.

How will I know whether I have won?

Winners will be notified after the draw by DM on Twitter, personal message on CBS and I will also blog the results for all entrants to see who won.

Thank you for entering and good luck.  I hope everybody wins.


  1. Monty says hello and he would love to enter please!

  2. Hi Kolo! What a pawsome contest! I'd love to be entered please! Petie & I send ((HUGS)) and love to BaboonHQ! ((HUGS)) ((HUGS)) ((HUGS))

  3. how wundahful nd generos kolo.. i bee deelited too bee enterd fur th draw :)

  4. What a great idea! We just had a Halloween costume contest on our blog and there were some great entires. We would love to enter the contest.

    Happy Thanksgiving, gobble, gobble!

  5. Oh I want to enter plz kolo these are gr8 prizes !!

  6. Hi pal. you sure do run some amazing contests. Now another one is about to happen. Oh, Koko says hello.

  7. Kolo your prizes are a
    ways as special as you are! please enter @clingycat mwah mwah xoxox huggles

  8. Pawhugs Kolo *cheeky grin* thank goodness fo "Thanksgiving" ... please enter me *pawhugs*

  9. Wonderful prizes,so kind.I would love to enter

  10. another great contest kolo. tweak, mini kolo and i would like to enter as one.

  11. Hi there Kolo, I always love your competition. Can you please enter my name. Hugs

  12. U talkin stars & stripes,
    I've gotta little gripe.
    U talkin like a yank,
    U gotcha pals to thank.
    U bein apple pie,
    Could be a porkie pie.
    Cause I know u ain't,
    U look kinda like an ape.
    We cant eatcha wit a spoon,
    You're a huge baboon!
    But don't get me wrong,
    I know that you're a Pom.
    Yeah, bein cheeky ain't no sin,
    A competition, count me in!

  13. We're ever thankful fur da joys,
    Y'all bring to da anipal girls &boys.
    Rhyme time wiff Wallas might be cheeky,
    But entering da Baboon Hdqtr fun would be Southern peachy.
    Special Thanksgiving greetings reach far & near,
    It's never a bad day to share blessings & cheer.

    We luvs u, Kolo!

    Gabby & Kipawa

  14. I'd love to be entered! You are so very generous. And I'd like to point out I loved wallasekatt's poem/song up there LOL

  15. Ello my pal. I do be enterin....

  16. I'd like to enter too! We went all Merican after we went there a few years ago and we did Thanksgiving for ages after. I'll have to ask mummy about this year.

  17. Ohhhh that is gorgeous ... mmmm Thanksgiving means food right? Hugs Kolo and yes pls I'd like to be entered too

  18. Those are bootiful gifts!! I would br pleased if you enter me in your drawing! Thx you. Signed: Smokey8

  19. Hello Kolo! Iz Ms. Molly Cat. Iz wud lub to enter da contest. Me & Mama follows yoo on da twitterz

  20. Mandi da Baboon would love to enter pwease! Thank yoo! TigerBoyTheCat

  21. I would like to enter please @SeattleP

  22. Howdy!! I lub dis and would be so hapE if I won, so I enterin! Fank U!

  23. Hi Kolo @DashKitten here. Enter me (OK for Mum but pretend its me OK * wink *

  24. HURLEY: Good morning~ Wow, you have such lovely contests! Our Owl's photo is still on the fridge. He makes me think of old Chick-Chick. Love you, Kolo.