Tuesday, 20 November 2012

November Baboons

Hi five baboons got to their new homes in November.  Two took a long time to get there and should really have been October baboons, the other three were really quick to arrive.

One was sent to our friend @wirednerves (Killa, Kermit and Liz), this baboon has not given him a name yet or sent any pictures as she is recovering from surgery and the baboon is helping her and the gang.  We are so happy to have a baboon helping somebody like that.

The other baboon who took a while to get to her new home was Brandy who lives with Phi @3phibotticelli.  Brandy is a girl baboon and we can see that she and Phi are getting on really well.

I think they are chatting a lot.

The other three baboons to find their new homes in November all found homes in the UK, England and Wales.

One found a home in England and Wales, lucky baboon.  Artie or Art has gone to live with @Bertie_Junior in England and is visiting @bertie_cat in Wales.

Artie is a very gentle baboon and he gets on well with both Berties.  It is hard to choose which pictures to show there are so many lovely ones.

First he met Bertie Junior and he gently stroked her.  They had adventures together as well.

They like climbing together.

Then lucky Artie went to visit Bertie_Cat in Wales and he got on well with him too.

He also stroked Bertie gently.  He is a very gentle baboon and very popular with both Berties.

They also got outside.  Artie likes the outside a lot.

What a contented pair they are.

The next baboon to find his new home was a certain Vincent, who loves baking.  We found him the perfect family where we knew he would be doing lots of baking.  Again, lots of pictures to show.  I have chosen some favourites.

Yes Vincent is a baboon so the first thing that he and @Reddy_1408 did was to make pizza.  You know all about baboons and pizza.  Don't you just love Vincent's chef outfit.

Making pizza wasn't enough for them, they also made brownies.

Vincent does all the sorts of things that baboons do, including climbing and hugging.  He cuddled Redinald and his wife when he arrived.

and he has been climbing, of course he has.

Do be careful of the guitar Vincent, they are not meant for climbing on.

Vincent has gone to a Manchester City supporting household so Redinald always says he is good Kompany which is the name of Man City's captain.

Finally, only yesterday another baboon found his new home in Wales.

Dafydd ap Mwnci has arrived to live with @cloonfourmegan in Wales.

First he met Megan and they seem to be getting on well together.

Then he met Ori


That seems to be going well too!  As you can see Megan and Ori have beautiful coats that take a lot of brushing and Dafydd is going to learn all about grooming to help with that.
I understand he was greeted with Welsh cakes that he loved!
So five happy baboons in their new homes.
As always thank you to everyone who has given a home to a homeless baboon and to everyone who takes an interest in the rehomed baboons.


  1. oh oh wot a luffly novembah story.. 5 baboons reehomed nd 5 lucky furends! i kno how wundahful it is too haf a baboon in th howse becos nyani baboon caym too us nd hee is brillant!

    fank yew fur sharin th knews kolo nd keep up th gud werk! a baboon fur ebeary home nd a home fur ebeary baboon!

  2. Oh Kolo - such wonderful homes this group of baboons found! I know Phi will take Brandy on lots of adventures! And the pics of Artie with the Bertie's are pawsome! Mom wants a pice of that pizza that Vincent & Reddy made-looks nommy! Megan & Ori will love having Dafydd brush them - their coats will shine! And the final baboon will have the purrfect name bestowed upon hm when @wirednerves is nursed back to health! Thanks for sharing more wonderful stories of baboon rehomings - Petie & I love them! ((HUGS))
    Love yoo! OxO

  3. Whee Brandy is waving from her spot next to me, Phi! So happy. We plan a big thanksgiving feast and lots of fun! Wuv my home! Love looking at da other adventures here too, like pizza and hair care for Ori! Hug!

  4. Yay its so grate to see so many happy homes fur speshal baboons! Its wonderfur to see efurryone so happy! *purrrs*

  5. OMC - you have been busy. You do such a good job rehoming all thoise great Baboons. We sure love Koko! M says she probably should pay him an allowance because he helps so much around the house.

  6. Hurray for the November baboons. Of corse, Vincent is our favrit! Come on you Bloooos