Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lunch at the abbey

Today I decided that it was time for me to be little Kolo again and go for lunch with my grannie who was visiting from Kent.  We went to Quarr Abbey which between Ryde and the ferry port at Fishbourne and it is a beautiful place.

There is a nice cafe and shop there.  When we went in there I saw some interesting, funny vegetables.  Baboons are good climbers so I showed off a bit climbing on them when the shop ladies weren't looking.  Oh dear caught on camera and they were a bit nobbly to sit on so perhaps I needed to get down quick!

Well we were there for lunch and there is only one thing that I fancied, chips!!

Shame about the wholemeal bread sandwich, I let the our manperson eat that!

It was a lovely sunny day so we went for a walk around the abbey grounds and I stopped on a bench to chat to my grannie.

It was very sunny and nice.

It was a very nice day out and I think my grannie liked me even if I did show off abit with my climbing on veggies.


  1. It looks like a lovely place to spend time with your Granny

  2. oh oh oh Kolo it looks like you had a wonderful day wif your Grannie. wheeee Love Petie

  3. im shure yur grannie luvs yew nd luved seein yew climb nd bee th best baboon yew can bee :)

    i fink thows veggies lookd bear strange! best too stick wif chips hehe

  4. Oh Kolo, I'm sure your grannie loves you even if you do climb around on the pile of veggies. She looks like a very sweet and nice lady. WHat a lovely picture that is of you together!

  5. Lovely Grannie! Lovely Kolo! Lovely veggies!!!

  6. What a wonderful day with your Grannie! You're an agile climber - I'm sure she was quite impressed! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! ((HUGS)) OxOxO

  7. Wot a luvverlee day owt, ebben betta to spend time wiv Granny! Paco evva met owr Granny but says they luk a bit alike cos of pidjur we hav of her! Grandparents ar da best cos they spoil yoo, hehe! Kisses frum me and BIG hugs frum Paco! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. I love your expression when you is eatin chips my chum. High levels of concentrayshun....

  9. What a nice looking place. And a nice looking Grannie!