Saturday, 3 November 2012

October Baboons

The end of October was very special as it marked the end of the first year of re-homing.  Can you imagine that it was in November 2011 that the first four baboons were re-homed. 

Tony went to live with Marshall Sheldon in Idaho, since then he has moved to Lousiana, survived Hurrican Isaac and had plenty of adventures. 

Hugo went to live with Zack Rabbit in Halifax, Canada and he has featured in Zack's cooking show.

Marco went to live with Pasikas in Scotland and took up silk painting and other artistic pursuits.

Monty went to live in Oxfordshire with Mrs Fiddlesticks and Tim Kirby and has become a vital part of the functioning of that busy and interesting household.

Overall, since the first re-homings in November last year 61 baboons have reached their new loving homes and three are travelling.  One left just this morning and one more will be ready to go this week.

Two baboons reached their new homes in October to complete the first year of re-homings.  These were two brothers with very different personalities who found homes that suited their particular interests.

The first of these to reach their new home was Awbrey, who went to live in Bend, Oregon with the Pixie family, @dana_pixie.  Awbrey is a very outgoing baboon who likes the outdoor life and adventures, so there was an obvious home for him.  Awbrey has done so much since he got to his new home and there are so many fantastic pictures, that it was hard to choose which ones to show you.

You can see that Awbrey was welcomed by all the family, especially the Pixie cat, tsk.  They look like great friends already.

The minute Awbrey arrived he started going on adventures.

Climbing trees to see the beautiful autumn leaves.

Feeling the wind in his fur on a bike.  He need to be a good cyclist for his family!!

Visiting Lava Butt crater.

Awbrey is having a fantastic time with all the outdoor adventures that he wanted, a loving home and a good friend in tsk.  Awbrey has even seen snow already, in his first week in the the states.  I know that Awbrey will continue to have lots and lots of fun and he has even sent me a post card of his beautiful state to say how happy he is.

The other October baboon, Winston, went all the way to Japan.  This was very exciting because he was the first re-homed baboon to go to Japan, apart from @pepismartodog's re-homed baboon Steve Furwin who visisted Japan a few months ago (wow these re-homed baboons get around)!!

Winston is more of an indoor type of baboon, I'm sure he will go out and see something interesting things in his new country but at the moment he is happy getting to know @Nyatsbykitti.

Winston started off by exploring the house, climbing on the curtains gave him a great view of his new surroundings and used up some of that energy that baboons tend to build up on their journeys.

After that he got straight into the library at his new home and found some anipal reading matter.

We can se that Winston is happy and relaxed in his new home, he is a baboon who really knows how to chill out.

Oh yes he is really chilled out!
So its nice to see two more baboons in their new happy, loving homes.
So the first year of re-homing is complete and the second begins with the three November baboons who are travelling now and another who will leave soon.  But there story is for next month.
Thank you for being interested in our baboons and thank you for reading.


  1. Nice baboons found lovely homes again. :)

  2. wot a luffly blog.. too fink baboon rehomin is a yeer old alreddy! luff it!

    yew dowin grayt fings kolo.. a home fur ebeary baboon!

  3. Well done. You should be proud.

  4. Monty is very excited to hear the news from Baboon HQ!

  5. Your rehoming program for baboons has made the world a happier place! Thanks so much Kolo! I know having Petie with me has made my life more fun & full of ((HUGS))! Thanks for being so pawsome! OxOxO

  6. Awww Winston n his bro Awbrey are on yor bloggie, how nice! Tahnk yoo so munch Kolo! Winston is now purracticin usin chopstiks! :D

  7. Many congrats on a great furst year my will be da patron saint of baboons for ever.