Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sunshine award

Yesterday I had a great suprise, our dear Pandafur let me know that she had selected me on her list for a sunshine award.

Wow, an award, baboons don't often get awards so that was a big surprise!!

This means I have to do two things, both of these things are very difficult.  The first one is to answer soem questions, yes I can do that so lets do the easier bit first.

  1. My favourite number - Oh dear this is difficult it often changes but I think I'd have to say 4 just because I think and count in fours always, don't now why its just a nice little chunk to think in and I like numbers that are multiples of 4.  Yeah weird I know but hey I'm a baboon!
  2. My favourite non-alcoholic drink - oh now that is easy, banana smoothie or banana milkshake. I can't choose between those two so I just have to give both.
  3. Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter - that's really easy I don't do Facebook so its Twitter all the way, but I do also so Can Be Social that is SnuffyNorton's social networking site and that is great too.
  4. My passion - oh dear do I have to choose just one, there is football especially Arsenal, but also I am passionate about pizza.  However the main thing I am passionate about is making sure all baboons have loving homes.
  5. My favourite pattern - ummm never thought of that one, I like things to be symmetrical my doodles are usually curved and symmetrical.  Will that do as an answer?
  6. My favourite day of the week is definitely Saturday, I love all my days but on Saturday my people are home with me all day.
  7. My favourite flowers are red flowers, geraniums or other red flowers but mainly simple, wild poppies.
Now for the really hard bit.  I have to pass on the award to 10 of my friends.  No it wasn't hard to find 10 it was hard to narrow it down to 10.  I have decided to give the award to different friends to Pandafur so although Pumpkinpuddy's  and Marley and Lola's and some other blogs would have been on my list as they got the award the same time as me I will pass them by.  Hope you don't mind guys!

I read so many blogs and love them all so this is really really really hard.  However I am hoping to draw some attention to some blogs that I love but are not so well known as others.  However, I also include some very popular ones.

In no particular order these are the 10.

  1. Bordoggy Terrier - Barnie's Blog
  2. Eldritch the Dragon's blog - Introducing
  3. The Teddy Bear Diaries written by Teddy
  4. Michelle Stringer - The best me that I can be
  5. Ellie and Edmond's blog about animals they visit
  6. BearDBear's Love Always Bear
  7. Mariodacat's Mario's Mewsings
  8. Mario's mum's blog - Shuffling along
  9. The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shepherd
  10. Blind Maximus' Adventures of a Blind Dog in a Big World
This was hard, can I do this all over again please there are so many wonderful blogs out there that I read and love. Some of these are fun and some are inspiring.  Oh dear so many pals write great blogs!  What can I say.

Winners of the Sunshine Award proudly display your award on your blog, and then please pass on the award to your ten favorite bloggers. And don't forget to answer the questions!


  1. Oh wow - here I was an innocently paw plodding about my usual sniffs and haunts to be finding my friend Kolo has received an award, and nominated little old me for one too - all overcome I am, on my back, legs akimbo in the air, Kevin the baboon will fall outta his tree when he hears the news! - Thanks, Licks and Woofs! love Barnie x

  2. Thank you for choosing me. I am very honoured.

  3. I luv reading all your answers, we luv bananana milkshakes too! You iz teh mowst pawsome baboon (except fur Lola!) *pawhugs* Pandy