Friday, 22 June 2012

Baboon HQ business

Hi everyone I want to update you on the news at baboon HQ.

Firstly, following the wonderful #BaboonPawty on 2 June (thank you very much to the organisers of that), a few more baboons did find new homes.

Mr Pie won a baboon re-homing in the Jubilee competition and his baboon Chester arrived and is settling in well with Mr Pie.

Mr Pie has posted some great pictures of them getting on well and you can see that they are good friends already.

A little baboon who hasn't got a name yet set out on a long journey to Canada to live with Oatuling.  Baboons take ages to get to Canada (there are two there already but they took ages to arrive, so we hope he will arrive soon.  I know that when he does Oatuling will be a great pal for him.

Another baboon who travelled a long long way is Banjo who went to Australia, the second baboon to go to Australia.  Banjo just arrived in his new home with JessieJaney and is sleeping off his jet lag.

As you can see they are getting to know each other but Banjo is sleepy after his journey.

The other baboon to be rehomed in June was little Arthur who took a short journey to another part of the south of England to live with Terence the Terrier, he is also settling in well to a rural environment and meeting his neighbours.

There will be another rehoming after the Euro 2012 competition which will be drawn on 30 June and I have one further baboon to rehome.

I keep up with all the baboons who have been rehome and the families send me lots of pictures.  I can assure you that all the baboons are having a lot of fun in their new homes and are very happy.  I was hoping to meet Paco and Marco this weekend but we have had to delay that. We will meet them soon.

Well now more news of Baboon HQ.  It is not confirmed yet but it seems likely that Baboon HQ will be moving.  If all goes to plan we will move about 10 minutes walk from where we live now.  Our current home is lovely but we want a more baboon friendly garden.  We will miss our views desperately but a house with a garden, rather than just a roof terrace, will be fun and more private for us baboons.  Also it will be nearer the beach and who can complain about that!!!

Of course this move, if it happens, will mean a lot of disruption and hard work as well as expense.  For this reason the baboon rehoming will have to be slowed down for a while.  It will not stop but there may be a gap and a slower pace of rehoming for a while as we are getting settled.

Other than that we are looking forward to a holiday in the US in August/September and hope to be meeting some anipals are rehomed baboons while we are there.

We will keep you up to date on events and will let people know where the new Baboon HQ will be by private messages.


Love from Kolo


  1. wot egsytin times it dus be kolo an we wishis yoo al bestist if yoo dus gow to new edkwartas wot dus av gardun aswel .. bigg uggs

  2. I wishes you luck wiv da move my pal. I likes havin garden and I dussnt fink you willbe disappointed. They is always full of smells...altho sumtimes at night crtiiters come in so you haz to make sure you bark at it before you go to let me kno if you need any elp wiv dat.

  3. That is great news that you Will get a garden and a holiday to the US. Hugs

  4. wot a luffl blog fank yew kolo.. nyani baboon sends his luff nd howps yew will bee beary happi wen yew settled in yur knew howm wif a gardun :)

  5. Marco is such a loving baboon xxx thank you

  6. You are moving house and going nearer the beach? That will be fun. I wish we lived near a beach. Maybe one day we'll get to visit your beach.

  7. GruffHello there my friend! So good to hear about all your news, the baboons will love the new garden, plant some trees (you can put little ones in pots, our Kevin who we re-homed is none the wiser, takes his banana up there regular - when he is not swimming about in my water bowel that is!) - sounds lovely. You enjoy your well deserved holiday - we will keep in touch. Love Bordoggy Barnie x

  8. We're going to miss you while you are busy with moving stuff pal. M says we have to get going on posting some pictures of Koko. Poor guy has had to take a backseat to some of the activity around here. But, he said to tell you he's happy with us. He's been spending some time with me sitting in windows. It's finally nice enough to have some open.

  9. How nice to be getting a garden ! You can plant your very own flowers! And how exciting a holiday in the US. Its fun here! I hope you will come to my area of the US so I can give you a real BearHUG!

  10. How lucky you are Kolo that you're moving closer to the beach! Petie the Baboon is going to the beach at Cape Cod this weekend - his 1st trip to the beach! Will be sure to send pics - Lippe is going too!
    Thanks so much for all your hard work rehoming baboons Kolo! You're pawsome! ((HUGS))

  11. Kolo, you are coming to the US? Are you coming to Southern California? We would love to meet you and your amazing family. AJ would be sooo happy to see you again. HUGS HUGS