Sunday, 3 June 2012

Prize winners and new competition

Hi all, firstly I was going to announce the prize winners at #baboonpawty but my Twitter link was so unreliable last night that I thought I would leave it till today so I would be sure of completing it.

Before I announce the prize winners I want to say that everyone who didn't win a prize will be carried over to my next competition for the football tournament Euro 2012, you do not need to enter again, but new entrants can join.  More about that in a minute!

A record 70 people entered this competition, thank you all for entering and if you didn't win good luck in the next competition.

The winners were drawn by my brother Edward.  We gave him a pin and he stuck it in the list four times to find the four winners. I will notify the winners via Twitter and/or CBS as well.

The winners are:

  1. Ellie and Edmond from Twitter, they win the bunny T-shirt or mug, whichever they prefer.  Ellie and Edmund please look at this link and let me know whether you want a mug or a T-shirt, what colour and if its a T-shirt what size.  Send me a DM on Twitter to let me know. Congratulations!
  2. SpencerTeddy from Twitter and his baboon Morse - Spencer you win one of the monkey adoptions.  I am doing your one so please look at and let me know which monkey or owl you would like to adopt.  Send me a DM on Twitter to let me know.  Congratulations!
  3. Dusty and Hurley (Justanothertrend) on Twitter and their baboon Boise - you two win the monkey adoption kindly donated by @BlindMaximus.  I will pass this link to you and Maximus please look at the link and decide which monkey or owl you would like to adopt and let Maximus know by DM (I'm also always interested in what monkey or owl you choose but Maximus is the one who needs to know and he needs to know where to get your adoption pack sent to.
  4. Mr_Pie from Twitter - Mr Pie you win the baboon mystery prize.  You get to adopt a baboon and he will bring a special mug with him for your mum or dad to use.
Congratulations to all the winners.

If you did not win never fear, the whole thing will be done again with the draw at the end of June, with a slight difference to the prizes, as below and if you did not enter the Jubilee competition you can enter now for the Euro 2012 competition, you don't have to be in Europe and you can be a previous winner.

Prizes - difference to prize number 3

  1. As above - a mug or T-shirt from the bunny sanctuary.
  2. As above - a monkey or owl adoption from the Owl and Monkey Haven on Kolo Island.
  3. A lovely handmade guinea pig called Polly made by @fuzzyFreya's mum.
  4. As above - a baboon related mystery prize.


  1. Yayayaya to all the winners !!!

  2. Hurray for all da winners!!

  3. DUSTY: Oh, my! We thoroughly enjoyed #baboonpawty and now learn that we've won a Monkey or Owl adoption from Hoke (@BlindMaximus)!
    HURLEY: Such a nice surprise to wake up to this Sunday morning. Thanks, Kolo, for hosting a wonderful pawty and thanks to Hoke for sponsoring such a wonderful prize!

  4. Congratulations to all the winners. Those are great prizes.

  5. Congrats, winners! And thanks Kolo and pwize donors fur spreading such joy & fun! Gabby &Kip

  6. Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you all for coming to #baboonpawty yesterday. It was excellent fun!

  7. Thanks Kolo for a pawsome contest! Concats to all the lucky winners! #BaboonPawty was so much fun - thanks to all who worked so hard to put it on! ((HUGS)) From Petie the Baboon & me!

  8. YAY Congratylations to all the winners of such terrific prizes I was glad I stopped by the pawty I had lots of fun, Thank you so very much.
    Purrs, Spooky

  9. Yay concats to all teh luckee winners! Baboonpawty was pawsome!

  10. Congratulations to all these very lucky and well deserving winners! (Me and Kevin the baboon have only just recovered from the brilliant baboonpawty! - thanks for asking us along - we had a brilliant time!) x

  11. Congratulations to all winners! It's so wonderful that Kolo at Baboon's HQ is hosting these beartastic competitions!
    Sorry, but we didn't manage how to join the baboonpawty...which made Otto quite sad. He's always so excited when he's spotting a baboon on the pc screen!
    Waves, love & hugs
    yours bearents, Chrissy & Bunny Jane & Otto our baby baboon xoxoxo

  12. Hello,
    Otto speaking: I want to join your Euro 2012 competition! I LOVE the fluffy, cute guinea pig Polly so much and would like to give her a good home, cuddle, hug and comfort her....ahhh...and feed her and give her yummy milk shakes...(I prefer banana shakes....)and all the love this little baboon can give!
    yours OTTO xoxoxo

    Burnie & Greg:
    *OTTO!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT THE KEYBOARD???'ve done it again! Listen Otto, this is a competition, not an application for an adoption! The winner will get Polly, and nobeardy knows who will be the winner!*

    Sorry Kolo, but Otto is such a cutie and sometimes a bit funny, you know. xoxoxo