Wednesday, 6 June 2012

May baboons update

Hi everyone, I thought with the baboon pawty coming up this evening, and as all the re-homed baboons so far have arrived, it would be a good time to catch up on the baboons who were re-homed in May.

May was a particularly busy month at baboon HQ as we re-homed the graduates of the last hugging class before the summer break.  A total fo 12 baboons were re-homed in May.

The first to leave was a baboon called Jerome who went to live with PetietheCat.  Petie's mum has been very busy with the new kittens so she has not had time for photos of Jerome but we know he is settling in well and getting used to the kitties.  He is an expert hugger and is the twin brother of PepiSmartDog and Rupert's new baboon Steve Furwin.

Steve started blogging with the family as soon as he arrived.

To find out more about Steve's arrival read Pepi's blog

At the same time Kipawa (known as Kip) left to go and live with @gabby_da_tabby.  Kip is settling in well and loving Gabby's garden.

You can see that he and Gabby are getting to know each other.  See Gabby's photostream on Twitter for more pictures of Kip in Gabby's beautiful garden.

A big sister and little brother baboon family needed to find a new home and they went to live with Lillian - @icypinklemonade, their names are Keisha and Runako and you can see they are enjoying swinging on Lillian's furniture!

A very fashion concious baboon with ambitions to be a model left for Canada to go and live with @SnuffyNorton, he is hoping to work in the House of Bearmani.  He has decided that his name is Minikolo but he is keeping away from the camera until the release of his modelling career.  Tweak was worried he would eat his treats but I don't think he will be doing that if he wants to be a model.

The next baboon went to live with TinyPearl Cat, his name is Bertie and he is a very cute baboon with great writing skills.

Her and Pearl are getting on well and bonding over a book.

Bertie's twin brother Kevin has stayed in England but travelled up north to live with @BordoggyTerrier (Barnie).

You can read more about Kevin's arrived with Barnie on Barnie's blog

The next baboon to leave went to live with dear JinJin and Pixel, we were very sorry that JinJin went OTRB while he was travelling, but we are very honored that he was named AJ after Angel JinJin.  He looks like a fun guy and I am sure he is getting on well with Pixel and the family.

Yes, that is a MariodaCat fridge magnet he has there.

One of AJ's brothers stayed in England and went west to Devon to live with @DiamondBertie, he is called Felix and he is on top of the world!!

Another brother stayed in England and went north to live with GrowlyPanda2011, they called him Boom Boom and he looks happy in his new home.

What a sweet picture, I think BoomBoom was very tired when he arrived.

Another baboon that travelled north and stayed in England was a book loving baboon Alfred who went to live with TeddyToes (Theodore) to share books and read together.

Finally another baboon left for Texas to live with Cheshire Kitten.  I am so glad that she arrived in time for baboon pawty that Cheshire helped to organise. Her name is Amani which is lovely because it is Swahili for Peace.  She is obviously artistic as she has taken to Robin's markers very quickly!

I understand a beautiful portrait of her is being painted and I can't wait to see it.
Well if a baboon hasn't knocked on your door yet don't worry they may well do.  We are stopping over the summer as people are away and making plans so posting becomes complicated.  There will be one more re-homing this month after the prize draw of the lastest competition (see previous entry on this blog), it will be drawn today.  But in the autumn the re-homing programme will start again.

I will keep up to date with all the baboons and pass on news of them when I get it.

Thank you to all the families who have offered their home to a baboon.


  1. GruffHello to all our brilliant baboons here! Great to see so many happy endings - there is a lot of love in the world - if your ever feeling sad or read about something bad, it always cheers us up to remember that - HUGS! xxx

  2. You are doing so well rehoming all these baboons. I'm very proud of you.

  3. We iz so happy fur all teh noo baboon famblies! You iz doing such good werks Kolo! *purrrs and hugs*

  4. It is lovely to see all them baboons going all over the world. We are still beary happy with out Ty.

  5. diamondbertie says how nice to see my new friend Felix mentioned in you blog, thank you

  6. Wot a marvellous serviss this do be for the baboons. Is great to see am all settled and appy and we did ave a great time at the baboonpawty the other day. Keep up da great werk my chum.

  7. Amani's portrait wus spot-on, hehe! Always gud to see cuddle ambassadors spreading hug-therapy arownd the globe (or on top of it, as in Felix' case!)Yay fur Baboon HQ!!
    PACO:We must have annuvva BaboonPawty -ey didden get rownd to chattin' up all the luvverlee ladeees this time, hehe! *bobs eyebrows and winks sossily* Gurls? Next time yoo, me, on the dansefloor shakin' owr thang, okay? *winks again*

  8. ha ha we're laughing over the picture of me swinging over AJ's head (Angel JinJIn). That is so funny. You have really been busy Kolo. We sure love Koko and you can see he loves us too (we hope anyway). Thanks again for all you do to rehome baboons.

  9. I'm glad that Morse lives with me.

  10. it dus be wondaful to see ow evrrywun dus be settlin in an avin lots of fun in ther new omes

  11. OH WOW! I love this! Kolo, you and your Rehoming HQ baboons have done superb work!! i love hearing about all the baboons and their new exciting futures!! Thanks so much for sharing!! xoxo - ZackRabbit