Thursday, 26 August 2010

Kolo's Island

As you all know I live on an island off the south coast of England its not really called Kolo's Island its called the Isle of Wight. Many of you have asked me to show you pictures so here goes. These are not in any particular order but they are some of our favourite places. I hope you enjoy the pictures some of you may recognise some of the places that Lippe visited.

This is Ventnor it is a resort on the south coast of the island and is said to have the best weather in Britain. It is quite continental in appearance.

This is the longstone, it is very historic and I don't think we really know just how old it is, but it is very spiritual when you go there.

This is St Catherine's lighthouse on the southern tip of the island it is very beautiful .

Oh now how many of you have seen one of these? Most of England and the US have grey squirrels but our island is one of the few places that still has red ones. They are very secretive and you are very lucky if you see one of them.

This is the steam railway that I have been on with HenryandFriends and MrsFiddlesticks and Tim_Kirby it was fun.

Price Albert built Osbourne House for Queen Victoria as a country/seaside home. After he died she came and lived there for the rest of her life.

This is Newtown town hall, isn't it tiny, it is Georgian and it is not in use any more but it is a beautiful building in a beautiful village.

This is Newport the capital of the island. It is mainly Georgian with some Victorian buildings.

The Needles are a very famous landmark on the island they used to be joined to the island and some people believe they were joined to the mainland at Old Harry Rocks near Bournemouth.

The landslip is exciting there used to be lots of smuggling of brandy and tobacco there. The land slipped away in the 18th century and its a very beautiful place and quite exciting with unusual plants.

This is the best way to get to the island on the hovercraft it is the only passenger hovercraft in the world now and hovercraft are built on the island for the Canadian coast guard and Singapore police.

Godshill is very historic with a lovely little church on top of the hill. They say the people were building the church at the bottom of the hill but the stones kept being moved up the hill during the night, so they believed that god wanted the church on top of the hill and they built it there, that is why it is called Godshill.

Freshwater is very beautiful, the poet Tennyson lived there for a few years, his house is still there it is a hotel now. He used to walk on the downs there and he said "the air on the downs is worth a penny a pint".

Cowes is famous for Cowes Week yaht races, this is the Royal Yaht Squadron where the races are started using these cannon.

Carrisbrook Castle is fun if you like climbing onto the ramparts and looking over the island. King Charles I was imprisoned there before he was taken to Whitehall in London to be executed.

This is Bembridge Mill it is no longer used and you can visit in and go inside. It is in a field in a lovely part of the island.


  1. Thank you for sharing your world and your friends Kolo!

  2. lovely photos and how nice to be able to see your images of one of our favourite holiday places.


  3. Great photos Kolo, its really lovely place to live.
    Hopefully I will come and see for myself!

  4. ths beary luvly islan nd intressin - fanks yew fur sharin yur howm wiv us kolo *hug hug*

  5. Squirrels! You want me to come and sort em out?

  6. Wow Kolo your island iz bewtiful, I wish I cud come an visit you there!

  7. Hi Kolo! These are such wonderful photos and great little stories with each one. I learned so much about your home today. Thank you for sharing! Smoooooch!

  8. Kolo, u live in a most wunnerful place. So many interesting things on one isle. A visit would be so exciting esp wiff rides on hovercraft & train. U tell gd stories-ty

  9. How cool! I would really like to visit that longstone place! Girl loves stuff like that and I promise I won't pee on it!

  10. Oh Kolo - you made my day. What lovely pictures and what a bootiful island you live on. I would love to come to your country some day to visit. Guess it's a dream tho cuz I'm a cat and don't travel dat well. Thanks for making us feel like we are on a visit.

  11. Oh Kolo U lives N a very neet place wif all kinds of history !! I hope sumday I can visit der XXXXX

  12. Hey Kolo!!
    Wow! you live in such a beautiful place!! wish I could come visit!! *bighugs* xoxox

  13. Kolo, your island is SO cool! I love the longstone best, I think!