Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #2: Pawtraits

Well as you can all see I don't have paws, cos I'm a primate, I have hands. Now look at that hand!

My people say I have big slappy hands, what don't they get? I'm a baboon what do they think I should have paws, hooves, trotters!! All your paws are beautiful and elegant but I would look strange with paws instead of hands so here I am loud and proud!

And look I can hold a mug with my hands so they have their uses!

If you are a baboon long live big slappy hands!!


  1. WOw- Look at those opposable thumbs! What I wouldn't give for those... Why then, I could rule the world!!

    Why aren't you ruling the world? Too much responsablity, I suppose.

    You have good kitty petting hands. I can tell.

    Cokie the Cat

  2. Those iz da happy hands that gives teh bestest hugs in teh hole wide werld!

  3. You has great hands dear friend - good for all those great hugs.

  4. Those are great slappy hands!! Also great for lots of petting doggies - BOL!

  5. Big slappy hands are also very good for hugging and stroking people. I think you look really good in your prortrait!