Saturday, 21 August 2010

New Football Kits for the new Permier League Season

Well its a new football season and we have been very lucky in our household we have all got new football kits for our team.

Mine is an update of my old one which was 5 years old, its easier for me to have football kits cos I can wear clothes designed for a 3 year old.

Leroy got his first ever proper Arsenal shirt from Build-a-Bear it is much too big and needs lots of pins but he is thrilled because he had a knitted one before with no badges, see how proudly he is displaying the Arsenal badge.

Even the official Arsenal support the Gunnersarus had his shirt updated from the old faded one he used to wear. You can see how great he looks. His shirt came from the Arsenal shop like mine.

We are all looking forward to the games now that we all have the right kit to wear. Hope we get to go the ground soon but we will happy watching in television or listening on the radio in our new kits. There are enough of us to feel as though we are at the ground with all the other supporters in their shirts.


  1. You all looks fab so I sure your team iz gonna win!

  2. WOW - those are great uniforms. he he - sounds like you all really LOVE football.

  3. Oh, you all look fantastic! Even if Leroy's is a little bit, you can tell he wears it with pride! I hope your team appreciates what great fans they have at your house! :)

  4. You all look brill! Mummy's been making us clothes for our holidays. I'm going to write about it in my blog.

  5. You all do be lookin great. I fink the Gunners gonna have a good season wiv all dat eggspert support behind em

  6. Hiya Kolo
    You all look so cool in your new kits. I wish they did Burnley kits in my size!
    Hope the gunners finish top this season.
    Your buddy Arthur